Will My Ex Come Back? Wishful Thinking Or Dream Come True?

When would an ex come back? Why would an ex come back years later? Does it make any sense?

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Are you going to cry and ask everyone continuously, ‘will my ex come back?’ Are you going to be hooking up with exes, or will you be staying clear of the relationships with those you didn’t feel worthy enough to feel close enough to?

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If you feel unsure of yourself in the relationship, this is a great time to clear yourself.

Talk about how it tastes to be in the relationship, why it isn’t working for you, and what you want to change if anything.




Tips on How to Stay Together


Here’s how to quickly get back with your ex, even if your ex breaks up with you.


  • Get back in touch with some of the good old days.
  • Take a look at old pictures of yourself with your ex back. If you’re in an old photo with your ex now, it does not necessarily mean you’re getting back with your ex. You’ll want to make sure that you can make him remember that you’re the most exciting person in the room whenever you’re together.
  • Make sure you’re yourself, not pretending to be someone else.
  • Ask for a second chance. If you can take a couple of pictures of yourself with him and present them to him, he’ll probably give you a second chance. Even though he broke up with you and asked you to leave him, it doesn’t mean that you’re not attractive. Just present him with another pic that even has him smiling.
  • Be sure to bring up your past. Most women who break up with their ex choose not to tell them the news.
  • This makes sense because most men are like the cliche hero types. They do not want to be reminded of failures.
  • Most men also do not want to relive past bad memories. So most women give a generic reason for not telling their exes.


Most women don’t want to talk about their past.


They want to forget it.

However, getting back with an ex involves talking about things that happened in the past.

If you can do that, you’re able to make him remember your ex.

If he recalls the good old days, he’ll probably be willing to talk to you again.




If you start telling your ex that you miss him, it just makes him feel like he is being lied to.

Primarily, these are emotions, but in this article, I’ll talk about why it is sometimes beneficial to tell your ex the bad news.


What to say to get him back or to make him remember you?


You need to know his needs.

It is essential to understand what your ex wants.

Your ex might have a specific need that might be different than yours.


It would be best if you grasped what those needs are.


Once you know what those needs are, you can start to fulfill them by meeting their desires.

Once you do that, your ex will be able to get back to you.

  • Not telling your ex this information makes you seem desperate, which is a turn-off.
  • It makes you seem like you are trying too hard.
  • It does not make you seem like you’re begging.
  • Talk about the good times that you had with your ex.
  • Be willing to go to the places that your ex likes.
  • You might have to make sacrifices so that your ex can stay with you.


It is also imperative to talk about what you did when you were with your ex.


Would you mind not waiting until the breakup to tell your ex that you missed him?

This does not make your ex feel loved.

This makes him feel neglected.

For that reason, the love that he felt for you will be gone entirely (if you are interested in reading about signs he will never come back, click the link).


You should also avoid making him feel like he is less of a man.


Most people would not like to hear that they are less of a man.

They want to think that they are men (if you are interested in reading more about happiness and marriage, click the link; it will open a new window in your existing browser).

If you have done your best to be a woman, do not overdo it and do not make your ex feel worthless.


Signs you want your ex back. It is also required to listen to him.


This will make him feel like he can talk to you and that you are there for him.

Finally, it is best to meet his needs.

If your ex does not know his needs, you should not try to fill them in for him.

Make sure that he has enough space.

If he needs a shoulder to cry on, make sure that you do not give it to him.

There are times when your ex needs a shoulder to cry on too.

It can be frustrating when your ex expects you to be there for him when he needs it the most. It can also be overwhelming if you do not make any effort to meet his needs.

However, if you are not taking care of him, then he will keep looking for someone who will.

These tips can help you to stay together and stay away from going into an open relationship.

Just keep in mind that there are things that your ex would like to be assured of before your ex will be available to meet you again.

Make sure that you keep this in mind when you think about him.


why does my ex come back


What will make my ex come back? How to serve Your ex-lover…


There’s no right or wrong method to get back together with an ex-partner.

The way you go about it is yours.

You may get back together via the traditional route dinner date, a date at the movies, or you may choose the more subtle route, call the ex-partner and just talk.

Many guys will feel more clarity about the relationship when they call the ex-partner or send texts.


If you call the ex-partner, be sure to be nice about it.


Not all guys are as clear about the circumstances of their breakup as you are (more enticing stuff about hidden ways to communicate in marriage here; click the link, and it will open a new window in your browser).

This call is likely not a formality; it’s the guys who don’t call the ex-partner after a few weeks or months who are not meeting their ex-partner’s needs.

Don’t ask too many questions about what happened after you broke up (more on how to know if your ex is coming back here; click the link).


When does an ex come back? The best way to get back together is to be transparent.


It’s an excellent idea to be explicit about the needs and timeline.

If you’re communicating more clearly about your needs, you’ll better serve your ex-partner’s needs and more likely to get back together.

If you don’t call the ex-partner, they may assume you’re not interested.


That can cause the relationship to deteriorate rapidly.


You have to remember, though, that breaking up is hard.

It’s not easy, and many men are in the middle of very complicated relationships.

It doesn’t help that many guys are so desperate for a girlfriend that they’ll do almost anything to get one, including using the most extreme tactics to get girlfriends.

That’s a brutal reality for guys to digest and a bad one for men to wait around for a relationship to work itself out.

Don’t assume the worst about a guy because you just broke up with him or broke off your relationship.

If you have a distinct idea of what needs are being met and a timeline, you’ll better serve your ex-partner’s needs and more likely avoid the most challenging time in the relationship.

What needs are being met?


I put together a list below. How do you serve the ex-partner?

You help yourself first.

You are in control of your sentiments, thoughts, emotions, and thoughts.

You can efficiently serve your ex-partner’s needs.

You’re at ease and comfortable with yourself, and you know what you want and how to get it.



How long should you pause before you get back together?


The length of time is entirely up to you.

It’s also about whether you can feel yourself getting back into the dating scene.

You may need some time to heal from your breakup.

If your life is different now than it was before the breakup, you may need a little while to get comfortable.

Do your best to wait a short amount of time before you get back into the dating scene.


How do you serve your ex-partner’s needs?


An excellent way to suit the ex-partner’s needs is to get back into your work life and get as much fulfilled as you can.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s work or home, school or church.

It’s all about getting more done.

Try to cram as much work as you can in before you feel like starting a new dating relationship.

You can always go online to do some work, send emails to get your priorities straightened out, or email your boss to tell them you’re busy.


Be open to get back into the dating scene.


As long as you serve yourself first, you can expect your needs to be met.

A little effort now will pay off in the future.

It’s imperative to get back into the dating scene as soon as you can.


You’ll find that when you do, you can enjoy more relationships and have more satisfying relationships.


If you wait, you run the prospect of not meeting your future partner or even getting involved with someone else and carrying on with your relationship, having not been completely happy with what you experienced in the past.

So take action and get back into the dating scene.

Serve yourself first and also be the best you, you can be.

It will make your life much easier for you.


wishful thinking or dreams


Are there any signs your ex will never come back? Making Sure You Are Doing It For Love


I don’t want to come across as a bitch, but what I see on the dating scene is many people who want to be a lot of things and put on a lot of action; when you don’t fit into that, it hurts them.

You are someone they know, care about, love, believe in, and want to change.

I write about this now because of a new phenomenon I have seen on the dating scene.


I’m into being honest and being blunt.


It may shock you what I call a changeless relationship.

A changeless relationship.

When two people with a changeless relationship, two who changelessly fall in love with each other, want to feel what it is like to be loved by someone.

When they feel their changeless relationship is broken, the people who end their relationship never think that the bond that bonded them was flawed.

As they simply move on and continue to act like they are in love with a new person.

When they feel their bond is wrong, the people who end their relationship move on to act as if they are in love with a new person and repeat that process until they are happy.

Why is this happening? Why is there a desire to have an act in a relationship or act in a love that is a constant from one person to another? Why is there a need to feel love or act in love?


Experiencing some gut feeling, ex will come back…


Because the bond of two changeless relationships was never meant to be, but this is how it is.

This happens because this is how people act when their love is not going anywhere.

After all, love is one thing people can love for a long time.

But there is invariably someone out there who will change the act and start the love going.


It is the nature of humans to act.


The reason people are so upset about their relationship breaking up is that it broke their hearts.

They wanted to love this person, but something was preventing them from feeling this way.

Many people are so focused on the act of love that they do not feel the bond of love there.

This happens because people when they make love, love the same way and with the same energy as when they were in love.


When you love, you love with the same passion and intensity.


Some people do not feel the love they are giving or do not feel it fast enough because they focus on the act of love or giving instead of feeling the bond of love.

People may have a hard time moving their focus from the show to the bond of love.

This happens because there is always something else in life that is more important to them.

As I said before, people act.

They do things.

Things are happening around them, and they want to make sure they are doing those things because of the love, not just for love.

Eventually, thinking about a new relationship might bring together several mutual friends. It’s always enticing to meet someone new and speak about something that might contact old friends. Someone was just writing on social media about a mental health professional meeting.

There is nothing to worry about. Contact rule: a rebound relationship should mean a healthy relationship.


This is not just true for everyday behavior.


When someone feels good, they will do something for that feeling.

This is not just happening because it happens.

It is happening because they want to make sure they are doing it because of the love; the energy of love is needed to sustain you.


why would an ex come back years later


To make sure you are doing this, you need to focus on the bond of love.


This focus needs to be something no one sees but can see when you focus on this person’s love.

This focus needs to be with them and not in a mirror.


The focus needs to be on the bond of love.


This focus should not focus on yourself, and if it is, you will be wasting your time.

You need to be a focused and happy person when you are with the person you love.

You want to be an upbeat, happy person, ready to have fun whenever the chance arises.

You want to be pleased with the person you love.

You want to be prepared to make them happy and ready to take their happiness for your own.


You want to smile and make others laugh.


You want to be yourself and still be satisfied because you do not want to be selfish.

You need to hold your head up high and be ready to celebrate when one of the two of you wins.

Because you want to make sure you are doing it for love.

You want to make sure you are doing it because you want to make sure you are doing it because you want to make sure you are doing it for love (more on similar matters here and here; click the links, and they will open new windows in your browser).


what will make my ex come back


Frequently Asked Questions



When will my narcissistic ex come back?

You’re probably sitting at home wishing that you had your ex with you. It will be nice if you will finally have your man, whenever he will come back. Whenever he comes back, you will feel good; of course, you will feel good when loving and caring for him without results. This way, you will have your own sense of stability and security.

Why would my ex come back to me?

I’ve been in relationships before where the woman had her eyes set on another man, only to change her mind and decide to treat me as her boyfriend. Then only to ask me to leave her and go back to my old relationship.

When will my ex-boyfriend come back?

It is widespread for people to wonder when their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will come back. The problem is that these questions come up often, and they are very anxiety-inducing.

How will your ex come back to you?

Well, one thing you can do to get your ex back is to learn how to attract your ex back. The last thing you want is for your ex to come back and then find out that you are not interested in getting your relationship back. To be able to get your ex back, there are certain things you must do. It would be best if you got certain things to attract your ex back. It would help if you learned certain things about yourself.

When will my ex come back to me?

Is this really a question? Well, when will my ex come back to me? This might sound like an odd one and is really quite a strange one too. However, when will your ex come back is a question that can confuse and disturb you. Your mind is a terrible place to be in if you have suffered a break-up.




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