Why Do Men Cheat With Unattractive Women? Cause Men Are Ugly.

If we ask, “why do men cheat with unattractive women?” we must first consider the reality that physical beauty is rare. Men cheat with unattractive women for a straightforward reason: most men are ugly and even more — they are uglier, more unattractive than women; as natural, physical beauty is rare (notwithstanding extreme beauty, which is very rare), most men are left with no other choice than to marry and, sometimes, to have affairs with ugly and unattractive women as they for themselves are ugly.

They do not prefer ugly women: they have no viable alternatives, no choice.


mindset of a cheating man


The prospect of being involved with a married man is not easy.


The prospect of being involved with a married man is not easy, as you have never had any experiences, any nagging girlfriends, any issues with his wife, anything like that.

A woman without such history may get quite nervous because she has been married to a married man for life. The prospect is rather scary, and the unknown may put a lot of women in a spin.


Only a tiny percentage of married men end up having an affair with a married woman.


Another thing you need to consider is that there is only a tiny percentage of married men who end up having an affair with a married woman.

That small percentage does not exist in any demographic that makes up more than a third of all married men.

We do not know how many of them end up in an affair.

The reality is most do not.

This is why infidelity statistics can be very misleading.

If you are interested in reading more fascinating stuff on anxiety after cheating, click the link and it will open a new tab in your browser for you.

But we do know the divorce rate, the divorce rate for married women has been decreasing for decades now, and that trend is accelerating.


Married men with no involvement with women are still able to find women quickly.


Married men with no involvement with women are still men and still active.

They are still able to find women and find them quickly. In other words, there are still plenty of men in the world willing to end their married life without hurting anyone.

That is not the case in most of the world with married men.

So if you are aware you are with a married man, you need to think about the consequences of your actions.


unattractive woman


Why do guys lie about cheating? Primary reasons why men cheat on their girlfriends or wives.


So, to answer the question “why do men cheat with unattractive women ?“, first, we need to answer the more general one: “Why do married men cheat?“.

I am not sure.

I will stick to married men because, frankly, no one knows for sure how many married men end up in an affair. There is a tiny percentage chance, but I believe it is low. There are plenty of married men without any involvement. And it would be best if you thought about the consequences of your actions. But I do believe that the percentage of married men in affairs is very high. And married men are just as capable of cheating as any other men. Just because they are married does not mean that they are any less capable of cheating.

It is a mistake to assume that married men with affairs or affairs are more motivated by sex than any other married man.

Let me simply quote an interesting article from a critical, well-documented magazine:

Researchers tested two psychological processes that everyone shares in varying degrees:
Attentional Disengagement and Evaluative Devaluation of potential romantic partners.

Disengagement from possible partners is the ability to direct attention away from an
attractive person who could be considered a romantic option.

Devaluation of possible partners is a tendency to mentally downgrade the attractiveness
of another person, even if he or she is especially good looking.

The team tested newlyweds on those processes by showing them photographs of highly
attractive men and women, as well as average-looking men and women.

Researchers discovered that participants who quickly disengaged their attention from an
attractive person were less likely to engage in infidelity.”

Impressing quote.

What to do when you just found out that your husband cheated on you

This is one of those circumstances where I’m afraid I have to disagree with those who say this. They focus on sex and make the correlation. I think the motivation is not sex, but they are just as likely to be motivated by fear or anxiety.


Why Do Men Cheat With Unattractive Women Cause Men Are Ugly


I have often heard it said that the woman is motivated by fear or anxiety about her marriage. It is certainly possible, but I have never seen this happen.

The statistics I have seen have consistently shown that the woman is motivated by fear or anxiety about her future. That future is not being married to the man she is married to. So I would say that the motivation is more likely anxiety or fear about her own destiny.

The man is often motivated by sexual anxiety, but there is an opportunity cost if the man is married. He is being married to her. He does not get to have sex with another woman. This anxiety and sexual anxiety are often enough why married men with affairs tend to leave their wives.


Other reasons for infidelity and being attracted to ugly partners.


The biggest single thing that people are attracted to is money. Money is so important to a person. If the money you have, isn’t enough, it is tough to make the relationship work. But if you possess enough money, then you have to let go of your dreams and accept the new relationship.

But if you haven’t money, then you have to make sure that you keep pursuing money. So do not be dissuaded if you are not rich. But you can achieve your dream relationships if you put your attention on finding the right person.

People look for love in several places. Their parents, their children, their pets. But their parents are the place that many people look for love. When the parents are engaged, they think they will meet someone who will have a dream relationship.

When parents are not involved, they begin to believe they will not find someone to make them happy. Still, instead, they will find someone that will make them happy, but their children will be unhappy.

Your pets are also attracted to you. But their attraction will be temporary because if you treat your pets as you would like to be treated, they will handle you that way. Your pets are not attracted to you because you have money. Their attraction is because they see you as someone attractive to be with. When you are cute and treat yourself with love, your pets will also treat you in that manner.

Your pets can be your family and your friends. And if they don’t treat you like family or as friends, then it means that you have no love in you. If they don’t treat you the way you desire to be treated, you will have to change how you treat yourself.


beautiful exotic lady


Why do men cheat on unattractive women? They are afraid of being replaced by someone else.


They are afraid of being replaced by someone else.

They worry that if they stay with their wife, she will be replaced by someone else. It makes sense that this stress and sexual anxiety is a motivator.

In short, I think that men are motivated by sexual anxiety and not by fear of being replaced.

The married man may have sexual needs that the woman cannot meet. Still, it is unlikely because it is very uncommon for a man not to be sexually stimulated by his wife.

I am not a woman who has been through an affair, but I have been through enough experiences to know that sexual frustration is rarely a motivator.

 Intimate frustration is rarely a motivator.


I think that a woman can know her husband well enough to say whether he is being replaced.

Suppose he was likely to be replaced by a coworker or someone he met at work or something like that. In that case, he may be motivated by sexual anxiety. If he avoids intimacy with you, he may be motivated by fear of being replaced by someone else. I think that you can look at sexual issues, but that is outside of this article.

I think that the husband may be motivated by sexual anxiety because often, the sex is nasty. For example, the first meeting with a new woman is frequently when he is hungover from drinking and already sexually frustrated, and often the sex is nasty.

So he may feel that getting this woman pregnant and leaving you will make him feel better and show that he doesn’t need to drink and take drugs to get laid. In short, the husband is looking to avoid intimacy with his wife. I do not think this is a legitimate excuse, but it is often the best explanation for the wife.


Why do misogynists hate women?


Suppose the husband is motivated by sexual anxiety and fears being replaced by someone else. In that case, he will often seek out sex with other women. He will usually find this by chance. He will often call or send a suggestive email to a coworker or woman he meets at work.

The wife may be surprised to find that this turns into a sexual relationship. Often this leads to a full-fledged affair. Usually, the wife finds text messages or emails from her husband from a fling with a woman at work or a casual lunch with a woman from the gym.

When the affair begins, the wife may see this as a boost to her self-esteem. Often the husband will deny any sexual intentions. However, often the affair will take place over several meetings with the other woman.


I know that you may be thinking that none of this makes sense.


I can confirm that it does not. But often, when you see it through the husband’s eyes, the affair makes sense as a way to avoid intimacy with his wife. And often makes sense because the wife is struggling with her insecurities and the affair becomes a way to focus her attention on something that appears to be satisfying.

Because of the way that this works, this strategy often does not last. But often, this strategy is enough to prevent the husband from being intimate with his wife.

I know that this strategy makes no sense (more on men cheating and unattractive women here; click the link, and it will open new tabs in your browser).

This strategy helps save your marriage.


However, often this strategy helps preserve your marriage.

Sometimes the affair is exposed, and he will stop wanting sex with the other woman. Usually, when this happens, the wife will realize that he is not sexual with her.

Instead, he is sexual with her with himself. And she will realize that she did not have to lose herself in the other woman’s eyes.

In her mind, she was sexual with him when she was having sex with herself.


cheating in a relationship



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