7 Trivia FACTS About Online Dating | 7 [Things] To Do Immediately

Even Your Kids Could Name At Least 7 (or more) Facts about Dating Online…


If you are looking for trivia facts about online dating, it is crucial that you increase your success chances by using clever tips regarding dating online. Remember, millions are looking for love online, and it’s not impossible to find your true love around a digital corner.

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Let me  start, however, with naming the worst online dating mistakes you could make when starting  your endeavor:

  • Misleading the Members;
  • Not Including Pictures;
  • Writing as if You are Talking to a Friend;
  • Don’t Repeat the Same Things Twice;


trivia facts about online dating


Tips To Start Dating Online


If you start searching online for something, one of your first stops is almost – let me have an accurate guess – Expedia. Well, this is what they write about an online dating service:

“Online dating services allow users to become members by creating a profile and uploading personal information including age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and appearance. Most services also encourage members to add photos or videos to their profiles. Once a profile has been created, members can view the profiles of other members of the service, using the visible profile information to decide whether or not to initiate contact.”

Some online dating services offer their service as a drop-in replacement for more traditional forms of dating.

This is a convenient alternative to going out on the town to find romance.

Still, many argue that it doesn’t offer the authenticity of meeting in a public place that allows enough time to get to know one another.




What online dating services facilitate…


Online dating services allow users to provide basic personal information such as age, gender, location, and orientation and search through a database of other members.

They also give members a chance to upload additional pictures and videos and participate in forums and polls.

The most popular online dating services are the ones that offer free membership.

The drawback to this is that it doesn’t give members a chance to know whether they are interested in someone.

Service providers often don’t offer advanced search options or other bells and whistles that might attract those looking for more advanced service.


Scary facts about online dating? Upsides…


The upside is that users only have to create a profile, a user name, and their sexual orientation.

It also means that members are not required to disclose their marital status, children, income, or physical characteristics that might deter potential partners.

Although most sites have a mix of men and women, this does not mean that all online dating websites have an exclusively male population. A few online dating services are designed to have a more even gender split.




Online dating services come in all shapes and sizes.


Still, their primary purpose is to create a meeting ground for people to meet one another.

There are those sites that are more focused on a particular topic, and others are more general.

Some websites have an emphasis on age or location, and others have more of an international flavor.

Some sites are aimed at certain religions. Some are aimed at certain ethnic backgrounds, some are geared toward specific hobbies, and some sites offer a more random mix of choices.

An online dating service usually comes with several options.


Are there any negative effects of online dating? Your profile, please…


The online dating service’s main selling point is usually its profile.

This is the portion of the site that describes the user, what they’re looking for, their sexual orientation, their location, whether they have children, their marital status, their background, what they like to do, and what they don’t like.

The profile should be written in a little bit of a positive way that shows the user positively.

The service providers’ own research indicates that most people aren’t interested in meeting someone who is very negative, harmful.


attractive young person for a first date


Using the search features…


The online dating service’s main selling point is usually the search feature.

The service provides a user with many potential matches.

The service providers’ research indicates that most people are most interested in finding someone with whom they will instantly have a connection.

The user can choose to contact these potential matches or pass on the information to another user.

The service provides the search criteria options for gender, age, location, sexual orientation, and even hobbies and interests.

Some sites offer a combination of both.

In my opinion, two searches are ideal: one is for someone who has very little information; the other one is for someone who has a lot of information but doesn’t want to share it.

These are the searches that I use and recommend.


african person thinking of online dating sites


Using the messages to communicate…


The service provides the ability to send messages to other members. This is a basic feature that most users will never use, and that should be noted.

This is the most exciting aspect of an online dating service.

The service providers’ research indicates that people are looking for people who are more like them.

I have noticed this trend, and I think it’s a good thing.

The more similar the people on an online dating service are, the easier it is to meet someone on the service and get to know them over time.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that when I send a message to a potential match, they are always more than willing to read it.

I find this to be an excellent sign that they are open to a relationship.

Some people don’t like to read messages from a stranger, but the notes I’ve sent have always been opened.

This tells me that the person receiving the message is interested in the person that I’m contacting.


Writing as if You are Talking to a Friend


Did you know any trivia facts about dating online?


This is the part of an online dating service that most people ignore.

Most people create a profile that has nothing in it.

I’ve noticed, though, that people who put a lot of effort into their profiles are far more likely to be contacted than those who don’t put any effort into their profiles.

This is something that I really value, and I believe that it’s a good thing.

I wouldn’t say I like having to contact a large number of people to meet someone.

I want to meet someone special and be able to have a connection with them instantly.

I believe that there are only so many people in my area, and I want to date locally. I don’t want to have to travel great distances to be able to date someone.

This is one of the things that an online dating service gives me (if you are interested in reading another blog post of mine about online love stories, click the link, please).


worst online dating mistakes


Relationship Statistics:


I’ve found that the older the person is, the less likely they are to contact me.

This is another good thing that an online dating service gives me.

I can date someone from anywhere in the country and not have to travel great distances.

This makes me very happy, as I wouldn’t say I like going to the mountains to date someone.

This is something that an online dating service gives me, and I appreciate it.


Avoid making the worst online dating mistakes…


This part of an online dating service is where most people go wrong.

The next couple of sections are more of a warning to others to stay away from some of the worst online dating mistakes.

I will explain some of the worst online dating mistakes that I’ve seen people make and advise on avoiding them.


what is online dating here


1. Misleading the Members:


When a member is filling out their profile, they are not thinking about how someone on an online dating site will see this.

In all honesty, many people lie on their profile.

A lot of people lie about their age, their height, and their income.

However, some people may lie about their relationship status.

They may state that they are still in a relationship when they are not.

In all honesty, I’ve seen people fill out their profiles and say that they are in a relationship when they are not.

This is something that online dating sites do on purpose.

The intention is to get the members to fill out their profiles, and get them to contact them, and then make the members think that they are in a relationship when they are not.

When you fill out your profile, don’t lie about your age, income, or relationship status.

This will create confusion, and you will lose potential dates (interested in an article of mine about how to get a superb girlfriend online even if you are not a genuine Casanova, please, click the link).


trivia facts


2. Not Including Pictures:


When a member fills out their profile, it is going to show up here, eventually.

You do not need to put lots of pictures of yourself in your profile.

At a minimum, you should only need one image that shows your face clearly.

One is enough!

There is nothing wrong with including one picture and not including more.

You are building the profile correctly by giving others an idea of what you look like. You can do this without showing more pictures of yourself.

This is going to be how others remember you. The other images will be for fun and for demonstrating to friends how cool you look (read this article as well; it will help you.

There is nothing wrong with this.


Not Including Pictures


3. Writing as if You are Talking to a Friend:


When you write your profile, be aware of what you are saying.

Be extremely mindful of what you are saying and how you are saying it.

You want to compose your profile as if you are talking to a friend.

You don’t want to sound too bright, too funny, or too geeky.

Be light, and fun, and note-worthy.


4. Don’t Repeat the Same Things Twice:


Do you think you’ve been chatting with the same person for a long time? Probably not.

The same subject matter, the same message, the same thing he said twice.

You want to change your profile so that it is a conversation.

Write your profile in a way that you want to be remembered.

What you write on your profile is essential. It is the way that you will be remembered.


Misleading the Members


In this article, we’ve gone over the steps of how to do online dating, and hopefully, you can apply these steps to your profile.

Remember, you are going to be online for a while.

You don’t want to be writing your profile for weeks or months.

Do you want to be repeating the same things?

If you don’t want to be a person who repeats the same things, you need to look into your profile.



It’s all about being you picking the benefits of online dating…


Do you want to be remembered as a witty, engaging person with a good sense of humor?

Being funny, entertaining, and humorous is what you need to be.

Your profile will reflect your personality, and your character will always display your personality.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t go about creating a sense of humor in your profile.

Being funny is not the same as presenting yourself as a funny person.

Your sense of humor will be reflected in the things you write in your profile, so you need to be careful in that “department” and not simply write common facts about you and online dating and a better world and… and…


congratulations on your first date


You want to write your profile in a way that you want to be remembered.


Do you want to be remembered as someone charming and a good conversationalist?

This article goes into deeper detail on each of the steps mentioned. I highly suggest you read through them again, as it is the first step on how to do online dating that will set you up to be successful.

As you can see, it isn’t as difficult as many make it out to be.

Good things and events come to those who wait, and I believe the same holds online.

You need to be patient, but if you want to be successful, you need to put your profile up on a website that caters to a single crowd to be seen by many.

Online dating is growing every day, so make sure you sign up on a website now and get started to have success with online dating!





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