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If You’ve Captured Her Smile With Your Emotional Words, You’ve Already Got Her Romantic Love.

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The best love words are those that are said with thought and heart. The same could be said about love texts for her to smile or laugh.

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Not every single romantic idea will have the same meaning for everyone; it will be up to you to decide which one you would like to address.

Romantic love has a lot to do with your “concoction” of emotional love words as the texts you intend to make her smile and laugh rely on romance, feeling, and passion.



Texts to Make Her Smile Romantic, Emotional Love Words


Love Notes – Expressing Your Feelings With Your Partner


I have tried to compose a shortlist of the main reasons that come to mind when I hear the word “affirmation“:

I often hear of couples who don’t know how to self-love.

I can certainly assure you that it does not hurt to send this to the other person if you know it’s coming from the heart.

Here they are:

“I am drained; you are so great that my mind is going blank. You will be so proud of me, I am so hungry, I want to do this, and I want to do that, I am never home, I am so sad, I am having a bad day, I want you to be my partner, I am so tired, I am so excited, I am not in love, do not tell me that you are in love, that you are married, I am looking forward to this day because I am so excited.”

Texts to Make Her Smile


Some humor will not harm


When things are tense in a relationship, it is sometimes challenging to maintain a positive attitude, and humor will not harm.

Sending a well-crafted text along the lines of “I love you and love you too” will not hurt.

As much as some may try to convince you that it hurts to forgive, I can assure you it does not.

If you have to say I am sorry, do it with a smile on your face.

Don’t feel you need to say I am sorry.

It does not hurt to have a little friendly talk to your lover.


Show appreciation


If your lover has not been expressing appreciation for your efforts in the relationship, send him/her a text like “We appreciate you. You are appreciated!”

It will encourage him/her to work harder in the relationship and make your love return with even greater intensity.

It will definitely make your partner see you in a new light, and your lover will feel honored to be with you.


Texts to Make Her Smile Romantic


Don’t be offended easily!


Some will take offense when they are told that they are doing something for the sake of love, and they will reply am doing it for love.

If you are in a bind, just say, “I am sorry, but I need to go,” and your desire is gone, and you will see your lover will be crushed because he/she will have sacrificed everything for your love.

If your lover has told you that they have had feelings for you for a long time, do not make the big mistake of assuming that it has been forever.

Your lover will feel in their heart that you have been a part of their life, and it was only a simple matter of time.

Your lover will be hurt if you take so long to tell them, but they will be willing to wait because they know you love them.


Love and honesty. Texts to get her to smile. Use romantic words to show your emotional love.


So if you love someone, if they love you, if it has been a while and they are making a sacrifice to be with you, do not let them think that they can get away with not telling you they love you.

Your lover will appreciate your honesty, and it will also make them feel you are there for them.


Smile and Laugh


Do not feel bad if you are always on the go and your lover has a problem with that because you must understand that you would not have forced them to go out if you had known what they were going through.

It is not fair on your lover to keep them away from you because they have a problem.

It is your responsibility, and they will do whatever it takes to be with you when you are around.


Don’t disappoint your partner.


Your lover will be disappointed if they hear that you are always at home; they do not understand that you have a life.

They do not know what a curse is to be at home and does not want to come with you.

There are many words that you can say to your lover to express your feelings.

In life, you will not get another chance.

This is your opportunity to go on and tell how much you love them.

It would help if you kept in mind that these are the feelings you want to express to them.


romantic love and light


Treating Your Lover With Respect


It is always a wise thing to search online for other peoples’ thoughts. Here is what I’ve found about love, and romance, and respect, and a solid relationship. Here is the article:

“To breed a healthy relationship with your wife or girlfriend, you must feed the love and affection between you and your lover. One of the simplest yet most efficient ways of doing this is through sweet words of affirmation. It’s amazing how a quick text or a well-crafted message can have so much impact on someone. By sending romantic messages, you not only keep your relationship vibrant but also reassure your partner of your never-ending love.”


Here are a few wise tips to get you started on the right foot with your lover.


The essential thing is to choose the right words for your lover.

Remember that the only person to receive your message is your lover, so be sensitive and delicate about the words you choose.

If you wish to read more about capturing her attention, please, click this link.


Romantic, Emotional Love Words


Choose your words wisely.


Avoid using terms like better, safer, because this may make your lover feel embarrassed and downhearted.

It is so much easier and more refreshing to tell your lovers how much you care.

Let them know that you’re reading their messages; it may also make them feel appreciated.

Let them know that you’re the only one in the world who can read their mind.

Use the word mind interchangeably because your lovers are receiving various messages from all corners of the universe.



Show your love without words or texts; make her smile silently.


Love, by definition, can be defined as sensations of warmth and tenderness.

When you choose to express your love by giving your lover a physical gift, then the meaning of love is fully activated.


Use words of appreciation.


Words are compelling when it comes to love.

It can change the whole atmosphere in your relationship and make your lover feel more intense emotions than he or she is used to.


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Words like the ones below are just the beginning.

You can also create your own unique words to show your love, and those words will most definitely melt the heart of your lover.

“Thank you, you’re beautiful, you’re brilliant, you’re incredible, you’re wonderful, you’re delightful, you’re extraordinary, you’re great, you’re right, you’re wonderful, you’re wonderful, you’re wonderful, you’re wonderful, you’re amazing, you’re…”

Allow your lover to be in charge of the pace of the relationship.


This is because love comes after a reasonable period to let the emotions build up.

You can show your love by making him or her feel in control and not running the relationship so fast.

Be patient.

The key here is to keep the relationship smooth and to flow while the love is building up.

Be in control, and you’ll find it much easier to make your lover feel in love.


Show your love by your actions.


Make your lover feel in love and make him or her want to stay. Use affirmative texts to make her/ him smile.


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Show your love by doing the little things.


The little things are the most important to love.

Remember, all the little things in life do count.

In the end, the little things will become big things and will change the whole atmosphere of your relationship.

However, the little things aren’t just for love.


Show your love by taking care of your lover.


You can do this by being there for your lover through thick and thin and by supporting them.

It’s not about love but about care.

This is one of the ways to show your love.

It will give your lover a good feeling and will help them to feel comfortable.


Respect her desire for romance, emotional words & gestures. 


In a relationship, it is imperative to treat your lover with respect.

If you love your partner, you should make him feel comfortable, and you should be there for him even when he is hurting himself.

This will give your lover the feeling that you are there for him/her.


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Romantic Love – How to Make It Last.


The love between two people can be based on an emotional feeling or based on a romantic attraction.

Romance in the context of romantic love is usually viewed as an individual emotion, often of a sexual nature, not as an impulse but instead as a thought or fantasy of the person’s relationship (read an interesting article here).

Romantic love is passionate because it has to be if the relationship is going to work.

When it is romantic love, the other person has to be someone they have thought about.

When people start romantic relationships, they only think about their personal fantasy, and it’s only an individual, non-bonding emotion.

Because when they become romantically involved with their individual, pre-bonded mates, they start with an individual, non-romantic relationship.


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The attraction and desire for the romantic love of an individual are mutual.


When the two individuals are physically attracted to each other or share a romantic fantasy, they are already emotionally bonding.

It is not just a thought or an imagination. They are already mutually binding.

Romantic love is not the only relationship that can develop between two people.

However, it is the most complex, the most enjoyable, the most passionate; sometimes, it has the most chance of success.


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They are built on friendship, trust, understanding, and respect.

Those who are built on romantic love can say, “I felt that way for him, and I thought that way for her.” and “I felt that way for him, and I thought that way for her.”

These feelings are reciprocated by the other.


Romantic love is an animal nature.


Romantic love is, in two words, an animal nature; it is just like a beast that is built for the protection of its territory and food.

It cannot be created for anything else.

This is the nature of romantic love.

Life is the need of romantic love; when love is built on it, it is long-term love.

And love that is built on this characteristic can last long.

If it is not reciprocated, the relationship will end, and nothing else will fall back on.

And love can last many, many years; it is just like other things built on.

Love is too built on trust and understanding.


Romantic love is affection.


Romantic love is a kind of affection built on being ready to help another person and be helped, in many cases.

This characteristic is built on the very high place of respect we all have towards others.

It is built on the very high esteem we have for our parents and the people we work with.

Romantic love does not necessarily last forever.

But there are many ways it can be lost, and yet this romantic love can last a lifetime.

I have often been in relationships that had become somewhat platonic. And then, once they did become well-grounded on this property, they just disappeared without a trace.

It is not until you have been in a relationship for a long time that you realize how valuable this characteristic is to most relationships and how they could work so well together.


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Once romantic love is well-grounded, so will be the love between the two people.


But for it to be the basis of the relationship, the two people need to trust each other and understand each other.

The very first thing we need to be able to do before we can go through the door of our love is to learn to love.

We need to be able to find the person we are in love with and accept them.

That is to say, “we need to allow them to be who they are, no matter what.”

We need to be able to appreciate their beauty and every little thing that they do.


The very first step on our way to love is to be able to love.


Romantic love is not just about the feeling.

It is about getting to know someone deeply.

It is about being there for them through thick and thin.

It is about having a wonderful time with them and their love.

When two people truly love each other, they have a connection that does not fade, and that never lets go.

It is what makes the world go round.

Romantic love is what makes love last, what makes a couple happy while being able to go on and make a relationship even more potent, more sustainable.


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Why Romantic, Emotional Attraction is Consolidated with Love Texts & Words


Romantic love is based on a sexual attraction that creates the feeling of happiness.

And this happiness can be achieved without sexual attraction but with a mutual appeal, the basis for building a solid relationship based on love.


Romance does not mean sexual attraction.


Such an attraction is a product of nature’s laws.

There is no room for it in a model of romantic love.

Did you forget about the skill of composing texts to make her smile?


The romantic love model of marriage or the model of the family is based on reciprocity.


Love is the prerequisite for the next marriage model and family (please, see if you would like to read this blog post of mine to teach you about romantic words to say to your partner when in need or all day long).

For the relationship to last, it must be found on the “foundation” of love, and the support of love is not sex.

This is a matter of changing the nature of romantic love with a base that is like family values.


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The ground must be like the family structure, that is, the structure of mutual attraction and the basis for establishing a relationship based on love.

Romantic love is based on some emotions.

These emotions can be love, compassion, the desire to enjoy, and the need for someone to be part of the family.

These emotions can be achieved with a base that is family values.

These emotions, which are based on family values, cannot be achieved in a relationship without this base.


Romantic love can be achieved with family values.


Romantic love can be obtained if there is mutual attraction, the ground for a relationship based on love.

There is a lack of attraction if this base is lacking.

Then, why does the desire to be together, stay together, act together, feel together, be happy together have an element of romance?

Romance is to be together, stay together, work together, feel together, be happy, and be loved together to be there and to be loved.

If love is to be there, it must be the basis of a relationship that is built on love. Innovate. Conceive a lot of texts to make her smile and laugh!


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Romantic love can be achieved when the base is love.


In a relationship where the attraction has more to do with the sex appeal, or is a superficial attraction, or is a need for one partner to feel loved while the other partner doesn’t have that feeling – that is not romantic love.

In a relationship based on love, it cannot be found; it will be denied.

Together means you have to be apart.

If you cannot be apart, then that is a bond in a relationship that is not loving.

But if you cannot be separated, then that is called love.

The attraction will not be there because the interest is just a need for someone to be there for.

Suppose it is a need for someone to be there for. In that case, you will not be there for him because he will get someone else to be there for him, and in a relationship, there is no attraction because there will be a lack of love.

Love, for us, is a need in us that is not loving. It is a need for someone to love us, but it is not loving.

It is a need, an emotion or feeling, and attraction is the feeling, a call, for someone to be attracted.


Mere attraction is not authentic love. Use emotional love words & texts.


Attraction is for him to be attracted to you, and you are attracted to him.

When the love is not there, romance will be missing.


Emotional Love Words for Her


This is why the attraction is only for someone to be there for them, not for him to be there for you.

It is not because he can not handle you being there for him. It is because he cannot control you’re being attracted to him.

If you are attracted to him and cannot be there for him, then the romance is not there; romance is the need for someone to be attracted to someone else.

But he cannot be tempted by someone else.

He is only attracted to you because you are not attracted to him.

He is only attracted to you because you are not in love with him.


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Disclaimers. All photos were used from the “Captiva Collection,” People (1) and Romance, Wedding, Pregnancy by David Watson; a great thanks to everyone!


PS. Please, observe that English is not my first language. If it “sounds” a little bit weird, please excuse my skills.

Thank you for your interest and I hope that you have enjoyed reading my emotional, romantic love texts!

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