9 Statistics & FACTS about Online Dating. An Incredibly Easy Method

Could Accurate Facts @ Statistics Determine YOUR Online Dating Success?


Always, ALWAYS, when people deal with statistics and facts about online dating, they find it boring. They wish to go directly to the real stuff, believing — incorrectly, I presume — that figures and graphs wouldn’t matter to their own online experience.

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Is that so? Do these facts and statistics contribute to a better, more positive dating online experience?


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How is online dating different from traditional dating?


In a few words, online dating has a different sort of feel since it is “virtual.”

In traditional dating, a person meets a person on the street, in a coffee shop, or at a park and then gets together with that person offline, after which the real-life meeting is arranged.

The main difference between online and traditional dating is that you can see the person before meeting them in a virtual sense.

You can see their picture, their age, and their interests and activities.

You can also see whether they have children if they have been married, have any pets, and have any debts.

These details can give you an idea of what that person is like and what type of relationship you are looking for.


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Is online dating a waste of time?


A person can hide their identity if they so choose.

In traditional dating, a person might agree to meet you on the condition that you come along with them.

In a dating service, they will not expect you to be there in person.

They will assume that you are in the picture already to help them manage their time, as well as their emotions.

In this sense, traditional dating gives you a bit of a head start since you have been there and done that already.

Online dating gives you no such advantage, but the time factor definitely will!


Again, why online dating?


Online dating services allow the members to send messages to other members and with the ability to view the members’ profiles.

Most services also provide facilities for users to chat online.

This may take the form of voice chats and often includes a message-board aspect.

Serious online dating services offer various search options, such as age, location, gender, hobbies, and physical appearance.

Some services also provide the ability to match specific features such as eating or smoking habits of online dating users.

In many cases, the ability to search based on characteristics like ethnicity or income has become popular.


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What is the percentage of relationships that start online?


A good way would be to look online for some professional publications and see if they’re showing any graphs, any detailed statistics.

And indeed, they do:

Here are some statistics from an excellent online article:


“The following online dating statistics focus on what online daters are looking for based on their age group:

  • Ages 18 to 29: Long-term partner (17 percent), one or more dates (28 percent), platonic relationship (15 percent), a hookup (19 percent), and two percent cited other reasons.
  • Ages 30 to 44: Long-term partner (27 percent), one or more dates (33 percent), platonic relationship (nine percent), a hookup (14 percent), and two percent cited other reasons.
  • Ages 45 to 54: Long-term partner (22 percent), one or more dates (35 percent), platonic relationship (three percent), a hookup (10 percent), and two percent cited other reasons.
  • Ages 55 to 64: Long-term partner (27 percent), one or more dates (29 percent), platonic relationship (seven percent), a hookup (11 percent), and two percent cited other reasons.”


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We are all looking for the best experience possible, aren’t we?


So, let us talk about how to use the different online dating services to get the best experience possible.

First off, several sites offer one on one dating services only.

Some of them are even free.

Their primary aim is to provide dating services.

Still, this kind of site does not offer the variety of services you will find on other sites.

Their focus is to get you matched with someone who will have something in common with you.

These services can be invaluable, but you have to really look into which site you want to join and what you want to achieve by joining (read this other blog post of mine here).

Some sites or dating apps are completely free and offer precisely this type of service but are not tailored specifically to online dating. These are more like matchmaking sites or dating sites.


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What is your intention?


So, what is it that you want?

It is imperative to state that you do not have to join a site that gives you exactly what you want. This is the way to go!

Suppose you are acutely interested in meeting someone from another country.

In that case, you should not just join a site that provides dating services only.

Make a note of the site you are interested in, and check out all the information on the site.

Some sites do not have an enormous amount of information, and it is essential to read all of it. Also, if there are any links to other sites on the page and those other sites require payment, note that as well.


What do you really hope?


Always make sure that you are clear about what you are looking for, what you hope to get from the site, and what you do not want.

This will help to make the decision easier for you and not get you disillusioned with dating.

When you decide which site to join, always start by searching the site for the type of relationship you are interested in.

Then do a search on the site for people with whom you can make contact.




It can be done by sending a message, or a ‘like’ on a photo, or a comment on a post.

This will narrow down the site to the type of person you want to meet.

By looking at the people on the site, you will decide if you wish to give them a try.

This process is essential and does not need to be done quickly.

It would help if you waited for a while to make this choice.

It would be best if you waited for the right person to come along, and you should wait until you are sure that the person is perfect for you. That is the way to get a date and to choose the right site to join.

Take things slowly and observe things carefully.


What percentage of online dating profiles are fake?


Some sites allow members to upload their photos.

This is good because they will help others to know what you look like.

When you decide which site to join, do not act immediately every time you feel like having a date.

Read the profiles carefully, and do not decide on a whim.

Always do your research, and join only when you feel you can trust the site.

You will get a good feeling about the site, and your decision will be made easier.

As you decide which site to join and when to join, your goal should be to make a decision that will be enjoyable for you.


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Can I join several sites simultaneously?


You can join more than one site and be effective.

According to this website, quoting Online Dating Magazine, “there are more than 7,500 online dating websites — over 2,500 in the United States and 5,000 around the world.”

It is not necessary to join all of these sites to make a decision.

When you choose a site to join, it is an essential moment in your online dating journey.

It may take some strenuous time to decide which site to join, and you need to let that process take place.

If you are really, really serious about finding a date, and you are having a hard time with one site, do not choose another site.

Wait. That will give you the best chance of success.

When you are happy with the site you joined, move on to the next one. In joining these sites, you will have a better chance of meeting someone special.




Dating circles


A common aspect of services is the ability to create a “dating circle.”

In this, members are “compelled” to meet other members in a group setting (very useful if you are into affairs with married men; click the link).

There are also facilities for “dating clubs,” a dating group hosted online. The focus of that group is to socialize, meet, and date some more.

Services can be free or have a paid component.

Services can vary in price, from nothing to several dollars a month and up, for more significant benefits.

More and more sites offer higher-priced plans, which have greater functionality and security features than free levels.




Many services also provide additional features like matchmaking and “dating review.”

These are blogs and articles written by members. The matchmaking aspect lets the service organize the meetings based on gender, age, location, interests, income, and hobbies.

These services offer additional reviews.

These are reviews written by members, describing the experience of their experience on the service. These review sites usually display information from the past few years.


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Increasing popularity


In summary, online dating services have become very popular in the last few years. As a society, we are looking for more meaningful ways to meet others.

Online dating services allow us to do this with great ease. Except for verification, online dating services have become the norm, and the trend, for online dating.

Many say that, on the contrary, the future of online dating might seem rather dim. The services are currently relatively expensive, and functionality may not be as good as more traditional services.

However, online dating sites, lately, have become so popular because of their ease and affordability. They also offer excellent options to meet other members with similar hobbies and interests and meet them online. That’s great.

The difficulty lies in actually using those options to meet other people.



Fun, exciting, and rewarding if done correctly


You have to remember that online dating can be fun, exciting, and rewarding if done correctly.

You meet a variety of new and exciting people and have the opportunity to find the right partner.

I recommend that you try it, as it can be an enriching experience.

What you must remember, though, is that online dating is a process.


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Look for a good photo!


The first and most important thing you must do is post a good picture of yourself.

We all have seen those profiles without images, and it usually means that the person is not serious.

So it’s good to get out there and post a picture. Your picture should ideally be in focus, and there should be no extraneous items in it.

If you have a fancy dress outfit or ride on the Boston Cuddlers, take that into account.

No pictures that make you look like you’re not a model, no pictures with your kids, no images that are obviously a pose.

Try to avoid photos with other people in them unless you have permission.


Write your best profile to captivate…


After you have added a picture, then you need to do the same with a good profile.

Ensure you have a good summary of yourself and a good idea of what you are looking for.

The first part of the profile is the most important.

You need to tell the reader what kind of person you are and what you are looking for.

Make sure you stick to the information you have provided.

Make sure you mention what you like, what you dislike, what kind of music you prefer, and so on.

Do not forget to say if you are looking for a long-term relationship or something temporary.


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Be super-honest


It’s essential to be honest in your profile.

Even if you have just come out of a relationship or are just starting in a new relationship, it’s essential to be still honest.

People instinctively know when they are dealing with a person who is not being genuine to them.

If you find someone online who you think you might be compatible with, try to give them a shot. As long as you are honest about yourself, you will not be disappointed with the result.

People will not see you as fake, and you will not be wasting your time with people who aren’t true to you.

There is someone out there for everyone.


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The Different Kinds Of Online Dating Services


In some cases, a service may allow a member to contact multiple members at once.

Most services will allow you to reach other members at your leisure and within the boundaries of the service. However, some services may impose additional restrictions or requirements.


Be aware of multiple levels of interaction…


An online dating service may include multiple levels of interaction.

Members may have the option to chat online with other members, get to know them through personal e-mail, and then possibly phone or meet in person.

Most services offer a simple questionnaire for members to fill in.

Still, some services may provide additional interactions, such as virtual speed dating. The participants are matched by their answers to the questions, given points based on their responses.


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An online dating service should not be confused with a matchmaking service.


Those provide a list of single people to browse through and use the criteria they find to determine whether to connect with a person.

An online dating service takes the work out of choosing a potential partner since you don’t have to browse through tons of profiles to choose someone based on physical attributes.

You can take your time and look for a date at your own pace.

You may even choose to avoid some top-rated online dating services since their members tend to be less serious than those who are part of more popular dating services.


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Aren’t all the statistics and facts about online dating boring? Finally, it’s time to connect…


An online dating service is used to connect potential dates. In this particular case, you are not looking to find your soul mate.

Beyond all the statistics and facts about online dating, YOU want to have some fun with someone.

It is easy to get hooked on an online dating service since you can be yourself.

If you feel you have chemistry with someone, you may want to explore the possibility of meeting them individually.

That’s easy to do with the online mode, where you are the one doing the talking.

Suppose you are obviously not attracted to the person you met online.

In that case, you can safely decline without the other member knowing.

If you are enticed, you can pursue that person if you feel you have the sense to do so.

That’s one of the remarkable things about using an online dating service.

It is conceivable to meet someone you really enjoy and know they are not a long way from you.


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Conclusions – What to expect in an online dating service


* Most online dating services will allow you to create a free profile to post pictures and write a profile. Once your long-crafted profile is live, you will be able to meet people who want to get to know you before they decide to start their online relationship with you. That’s one of the great things about online dating: you can choose to meet someone you really like and know they are not a long way from you.

* If you want to meet people from all over the world, you can go the international online dating service route. That provides you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world at the same time you meet your soul mate. That will give you a feeling of really meeting the person from the other side of the planet.


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* If you are not looking for a long-term relationship but want to meet new people, some online dating services will let you do that. That is a good option for a person who is not looking for a long-term relationship but wants to meet new people.

* If you are a casual dater, you can try the same option as above. That will give you a feeling of just meeting new people, but only for a short period.

* If you want to meet serious people about a relationship, some online dating services will let you do that. That is a good option for a person looking for a relationship but is not ready to commit.


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Isn’t the internet marvelous?


These are the different kinds of online dating services (and there are different statistics and facts about online dating too).

The internet offers so much opportunity.

You can choose the one that is right for you. You will know what to expect and how to prepare yourself.

You can browse various profiles of people that are seeking a relationship and compare them to yours.

That will give you an idea of what kind of people you would want to meet. You will have a comprehensive picture of how long the person is seeking the relationship.

This is helpful for you if you’re going to meet the person quickly.

You can use this functionality to your advantage and go for the service that wants you to sign up for as fast as possible.

Good luck with finding the person you are searching for!


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PS. Please, observe that English is not my first language. If expressions “sound” a little bit weird, please excuse my skills. I sincerely hope that my post – 9 Statistics & FACTS about Online Dating. An Incredibly Easy Method  – was useful to you.


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