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The Language Of Desire Review | An Ebook by Felicity Keith


In this review of The Language of Desire, an excellent sex and relationship program by author Felicity Keith, you’ll find out more about how the author primarily teaches women the problematic art of seduction via dirty talk, non-verbal cues, and much, much more.

Would you like YOUR man to obsess over you sexually? Or to decrease his daily porn-habit?
Would you enjoy YOUR man to be more present during sex or to have eyes only for you?

If your answers are ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then The Language of Desire can help you indeed.

The book is designed to help couples in a stagnant relationship. It does this by empowering women to seize control of the relationship sexually; they’ll manage to do this by capturing the man’s mind and imagination.

I’ve written an honest and in-depth The Language of Desire review. It is here, in front of your curious eyes,  to help you decide if this eBook is right for you.

Let’s start.


The Language of desire by Felicity Keith

But, before any start, let’s say that The Language of Desire is a valuable eBook and a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t, and its upfront honesty is quite refreshing to any woman.


Some General Things


Girls really can not comprehend just how effective they are, and Felicity Keith advises women to tune into this power and use it to their full advantage.

A sharp wit immensely helps when informing women about guys and sex. Felicity Keith has all-natural wit in spades that makes her a lot more likable as a sex coach and even advisor.

I would not doubt advising this lust-inducing program to women pals or coworkers.

It’s a sex-positive overview that teaches ladies some crucial lessons regarding male sexual desire and the way it eventually works.

The Language of Desire is a powerful program that can help single women and girls in connections and browse the rough surface that is human sexuality.


Is This Felicity Keith eBook Helpful? 


Can It Help Increase Your Guy’s Need For You?

language of lust banner

Why do here a Language of Desire evaluation? Because I intended to see if there was something I was missing when it concerned my man, his pleasure, and our relationship (yes, it started being about me).

Ends up, there were a couple of things.

The Language of Desire eventually boosted my knowledge about my man and our sex life.

I believe it could do the same for you if you agree to do what Felicity Keith instructs you in the program.

This subject is a fascinating one. I have a good friend who gets annoyed at anything she reviews that has a sex-related tone to it.

I’m uncertain why. She is happily wed. She has youngsters. Of course, she has made love.

She has, however, to recognize that sex-related intimacy is a substantial problem in partnerships.

Still, she appears to get exceptionally disturbed when the subject of wish and sexuality is brought up.

I really feel that when these things don’t get reviewed, people are left in the dark.

They have questions that go unanswered and worries that remain about since they can never slightly squash them.

For example, I’m thinking there are lots of ladies available that are not satisfied sexually but don’t attempt to connect for assistance from programs like the Language of Desire.

They feel like it is a frowned on thing to do.

That leads to their ignorance, holding them hostage in an unfulfilling location.

Felicity Keith author of the Language of Desire e-book

Some women may never have an orgasm.


Some women may not know what real passion or satisfaction feels like.



(affiliate link)


And some ladies might end up in a connection where they are both unsatisfied, and it ultimately ends due to it.

My guidance: If you are in a connection and that caring sensation is fading or entirely gone, you can’t keep doing what you are doing.

If the input doesn’t change, the outcome does not change. Yes. Definitive yes!

That’s simply the method it is. As a result, you MUST learn something brand-new and apply something new to your relationship if you intend to alter.


What The Language of Desire Did for Other People


Of course, I am not the first blogger to write a review of this vital eBook (in my humble opinion). I would start with an extensive quote of this article, which would be useful as it plainly shows how other people in this business saw and valued the product.

I would like to add that these valuable ideas helped me considerably in writing this review.



I got into the program and saw modules like ‘become a sexual superwoman’ and ‘loving a man’s best friend’ and ‘brain chemistry and sex’ and I got excited. Not like that. But, excited in a way that I figured I was going to learn something new.

And I did.

A few of the things that Language of Desire did for me are:

Increased my physical intimacy with my husband immediately. The first night after reading as much information as I could, I used a few of the things Felicity talks about, and I could tell he was turned on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early.

The next morning, though, we had sex and he looked at me in that way that says, ‘Holy crap you’re awesome.’

Increased my emotional intimacy with my husband. This isn’t surprising because increased physical intimacy always leads to increased emotional intimacy for us.

It’s amazing how you can view your relationship completely different when the physical and emotional intimacy starts to increase, which, by the way, increases my libido!desire talk dirty speaking

That’s a really good thing!

Allowed me to give him more sexual satisfaction. To say he’s more satisfied is an understatement. He’s REALLY happy, let’s put it that way, and this program helped me do that.

Taught me that his drive for sex is not the same as my drive for sex, and then allowed me to use that knowledge for good!

Made me realize why we, and other couples, get stuck in a rut of not wanting to have sex sometimes. It has everything to do with our differences and drive for sex and nothing to do with time, energy, etc. This was a HUGE eye opener for me and reminded me why it was so important to keep our sex life up and running.

Got me more comfortable with saying things that he loves to hear. I thought I knew what dirty talk was until I went through the Language of Desire. By the second module, I was already practicing saying things that I had NEVER said to him before. And, when I actually said them to him, it was obvious that they were things he wanted to hear – desperately – so I’m so glad I put in the effort learning them and saying them”. 


Interesting thoughts, aren’t they?

Who Is Felicity Keith


By now, I am pretty sure you would be intrigued by the author of this product. Well, who is she? What did she write? Did the public well receive her previous writings?

Again, let me insert here a rather large quote from this exciting online article, stating much more about author Felicity Keith:


“Felicity Keith isn’t a sexpert or a stripper or even a nymphomaniac. Keith is just an everyday-chick who
humbly describes herself as an overweight single mother in her forties.

Keith struggled with low self-esteem between the sheets and didn’t have the tools to keep her lover
interested.language of intense passion review

This conundrum drove her to seek out answers.

After seeing a sex-therapist for an extended period of time and reading an abundance of literature on
male psychology, Felicity Keith decided to make some internal and external changes in the bedroom (and in
her mind).

These mental, emotional and physical shifts would not only change Felicity Keith’s life but change the
way her partner Kevin responded to her forever.

Felicity Keith took the plunge and created The Language of Desire which has helped thousands of women
around the world.

She also released The Flirty Girl’s Guide to Astrological Attraction.

Coined by her fans as a ‘suburban Carrie Bradshaw’, Keith is now a regular contributor at Digital Romance
Inc and a global sex-coach in demand.

I can’t think of a more relatable sex and romance coach”.


My conclusion would be crystal clear: she is the right person writing about the things in life she knows of. Her biography clearly emphasizes this. She knows what she is doing!


A couple of points that Language of Desire could additionally provide for you


You have to eliminate the radical idea that you would really need to be a porno star to transform him on and also discover what serves and not acceptable to you.

You will undoubtedly develop those boundaries that keep you really feel safe and also allow you just to be a sexual human lacking concern.

I know lots of women who think that they need to imitate the women in pornos to please their man truly. However, that action is not genuine for the majority of ladies.

What matters is what is authentic to you.



(affiliate link)


You do not require to state or do things that you are not comfy with because a) it will undoubtedly be awkward, and b) it won’t feel authentic and passionate.

If you are alone, then the Language of Desire review will undoubtedly provide you the structure for your future partnerships.

Still, it will likewise offer you guidance on cranking up the desire while dating.

If you are in a long-distance relationship (or you need to be apart for some time), there is a chapter in the eBook dedicated to talking dirty through sexting, phone sex, and Skype sex.

Consisting of techniques called the ‘No Touch Lay’ when you are back together, they will considerably help you remain genuinely intimate.

If you don’t believe he’s most likely to respond well to you, then there is some information to aid you with that as well.

How The Language of Desire Works


You can download the entire project, yet I found it simple to experience the participant’s location and work through the subject, topic by topic.

The member’s area has your modules all set out for you, and you can listen to and read the subject in whatever module you remain in.


You can download the PDF and the mp3, but, once more, I discovered it would be easier just to listen as well as check out inside the member’s area.

Each module has a worksheet or 2 to support it. These worksheets are PDFs that you can download and install to your computer or print off.

Primarily, the whole thing is an eBook split into various modules. It and also includes mp3 formats and extra worksheets.

You check out stuff; you discover things, you undergo the worksheets, and think about things.

Then, you practice some things, and afterward, you fine-tune some things to fit you, your guy, and your relationship.


A Few Things You Might Wish to Know Before Your Purchase


  1. It takes some technique and some time to be comfortable with your sex-related self. You are not going to leap right out of this program and immediately become a sexual siren in your neighborhood.

Desire language of passion

You may quickly hit the nail on the head with a lot of techniques discussed, but you might need to practice to get it ideal for other things.


  1. If you are single, you will certainly still gain from this program. You will become a lot more sexually confident and impact your future connection(s) in a positive way.



  1. At the end of some lessons, the author, Felicity Keith, could ask you to do something to drive the lesson home additionally, meaning to apply what you have learned.


I know that some women are going to be uncomfortable with some of these things.

I know that a few of these lessons are difficult to comprehend thanks to what we’ve been educated about and exactly how we check out particular things in our daily lives.

choose your language to express desirePracticing these exercises could go against the real grain of what you have believed for as long.

However, it is necessary to at least make a slight effort with these points.

I assure you will indeed find out something new, unexpected from them.

Trust me with it.


  1. You will actually learn how to make your man addicted to you. This product isn’t a scam or a far-off guarantee.


Felicity Keith has a whole module called Brain Chemistry and Sex. It will certainly instruct you exactly how you can create a loophole where he gets addicted to you– and where his wish for you skyrockets.

Excellent, right?


  1. It’s not everything about obscene stuff. There are some tender subjects inside the program, also worth exploring these parts as well.


review of language of desire by Keith Felicity


  1. There is an integral component for singles and for persons who are dating and intend to take their connection to the following level.

I avoided this area for the most part since I remain in a committed connection, so I can’t state how great or valuable it is.


  1. There is an exciting new module for when sex isn’t possible. This module indeed relates to long-distance contacts as well as anyone who requires to have some distance for some time.


Let’s Look Again How Other People Describe Some Of These Modules


I’ll just extract another quote from an article I’ve already mentioned. Look how attractive, how much color is in the descriptions of the modules, or chapters! Aren’t they beautiful?


“Desire Seed


Sex isn’t all about men. Women deserve to have their sexual needs met too.

The controversial Desire Seed technique teaches women how to get what they want from males, sexually. Hallelujah!


review of language of desire ebook

The Tease Intensifier


The art of tease is often dismissed as unimportant. Yet knowing how to seduce a man and “raise the heat” is a very good skill to possess.

This section of the program teaches women how to acquire the skill — quickly.


The Boiled Frog


Are you one of those women who feels embarrassed or sheepish when talking dirty to a guy?

If you answered ‘yes’ then this part of the program was specifically designed for you.

Felicity Keith will show you how to turn up the heat a notch without hiding your head in the pillow from embarrassment”.


Well, I, for myself, really enjoyed such names as the boiled frog. You have to know the art of twisting words to get the desired effects. After all, dirty talking your partner into erotic submission is all about this.




Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty— This gives you 200 text messages and conversation starter suggestions.

If you are like me, you will certainly discover and apply these inspirational words. These text messages will be something to try as well as derive from as you develop your very own words.


dirty talk in the language of desire by Felicity Keith


This chapter will help you as well with finding some discussion starters that are particular to you as well as your guy.


Silent Seduction— This is about non-verbal methods to get your guy closer to you.

I completely understand the power of body movement. I have always felt I had a good deal with utilizing it to communicate my message.



(affiliate link)


It’s just something I get with ease. However, if you are not familiar with your body movement and with the kind of messages it is sending to your guy, simply stop.

Use this little bonus could offer you some good reminders.


Unstoppable Confidence— This is an interview between a guy, Michael Griswold, and another guy, Michael Fiore, who is the author of Digital Romance.

To me, this interview seems to be about stopping the games.

Gamings are something that most of us, women as well as men, are used to playing, yet I’ve found that they are rather inadequate in the long run.


banner in language of passion


This interview speaks about how to get your guy to drop genuinely crazy with you and how you can substantially improve your relationship with or without games.

And it talks about how to be extra confident in yourself. It’s long, yet I suggest you read it and pay attention to it.



What The Language of Desire Will Need to Provide for YOU


In my perspective, the Language of Desire, shortly reviewed here, lets you do something quite effectively: Transform him on as no other female can.

It provides you with understandings and various techniques to create an enthusiastic and satisfying sex life for you AND ALSO for him.

How to Be and Stay Happy. Disease Avoid

That creates a more powerful emotional link for both of you. And it develops a stronger partnership.

If you want a lot more intimacy, sex, and enjoyment in your relationship (or in your future relationships), I strongly advise getting this program.

I can nearly assure you that you will certainly discover a couple of things from it that will assist you in your intimate relationship.

I can’t see any individual who would not benefit from this info (something similar would be in this blogpost of mine, on my site: How To Win Her Heart and What Can You Do To Keep Her).

At first, you might feel a little timid or uncertain that you are most likely to have the ability to do what Felicity Keith requires from you.

She states you are most likely to have the ability to do, yet simply you need to become open to it.


How to Be and Stay Happy. Avoid Disease


Read the details carefully. Make good use of the worksheets.


Act on what you learn!


And you will feel great about your decision to acquire this program.

You feel like you want to start and see if you can make some adjustments in your partnership?


First Conclusions


You have to be always a  little bit cynical about any kind of program that claims to fix your sexual troubles. Primarily because sex is a minefield, and then, because it is also exceptionally complex.

Yet, The Language of Desire (and hopefully, its review) is a positive surprise. It did not try to be something it wasn’t, and also, its ahead of time with its honesty that was freshening to highly-sexed females.



(affiliate link)


This Ebook is straightforward to comply with.

Numerous sex and relationship programs on the marketplace speak a lot of gibberish, making them pretty hard and tiresome to comprehend.

Trust me, I know about eight such difficult things in 2018 alone.

However, The Language of Desire takes the complication out of the formula. I have discovered it is a well-articulated program with easy-to-read instructions, with easy-to-apply advice.


dirty talk banner


Felicity Keith explains the program and utilizes personal examples throughout, which adds a great deal of context to everything she says. You really can feel the expert here!


Science-based suggestions

A lot of the tricks and further techniques that Felicity Keith teaches throughout The Language of Desire are based on scientific research and further studied in psychology levels.

Keith isn’t merely making these things out of nowhere. She’s sharing biological facts based on tried and tested human psychology.



$ 47 isn’t pocket change. However, for $47, you not only obtain the whole The Language of Desire program, but you will also get an extra $290 worth of benefits.


language and signs of desire


That’s what I call worth for money.


Money-back warranty

Spending our hard-earned money into an item isn’t so daunting when it includes a money-back warranty.

The Language of Desire includes a 60-day money-back warranty. It means that fundamentally, you get two months to test the tricks and strategies in the Language of Desire.

If you aren’t pleased with your acquisition after that time– you will undoubtedly get every penny repaid.



There are several means you can access The Language of Desire. You can pick to download it as a PDF data and read it on your e-reader, tablet, mobile phone or computer. Or you can download The Language of Desire audiobook version.

Sadly, there is no paper copy to order.


The language

Considering the program (and my review) is titled The Language of Desire, I believe the language and the whole context could have been a little less salesy. However, they sell a quality product. Definitely.


Before concluding this significant Language of Desire review, I would like to invite you to read another blog post of mine, How To Create Romantic Moments. Words Describing Love

It would perfectly complement, in my humble opinion, the techniques and methods proposed by writer Felicity Keith.

You can read another interesting article here.


Best wishes,

And with high hopes of hearing of great successes from you as a result of reading and applying the content of this intelligent e-book!


Maria Simmons


My hubby and I have continuously had a somewhat secure connection. As our sex life has never ever endured, I learned a whole lot from this eBook and also have effectively applied numerous strategies currently. The E-book is straightforward to comply with. There are numerous sex and relationship programs on the marketplace that speak a lot of gibberish, making them hard to comprehend. review Language of Desire


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I have bought this collection, and I have the right to use these enticing, fabulous images on my blog posts and in this review.

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whisper desire

PS. I am quite sure that, by now, you have figured out that my first language is not English. However, I hope that the reading of my post (and, especially, the lecture of this The Language of Desire review) was of real interest to you.





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