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How can I get a girlfriend quickly?


Well, how quickly? In an hour or so? Or a couple of days? Sometimes, luck struck you and, things that didn’t work for years need a second—a magic moment for your How to get a girlfriend online query.

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There is a justified reason for online dating to be there, around the corner, in a restaurant in your neighborhood. People date and have a coffee or an expensive dinner, and love (or disgust or misfortune or even long-lasting friendship) happens.

It’s that simple as this. Real stories abound, and people read them, share them and sometimes fully trust them…


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Online Dating – Get a Girlfriend Online


Both of them have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and other meaningful social media platforms. They are not here for the first time, experiencing something completely new, unheard of.

They take it slow to make sure that they both want to go down the line to friendship slowly.

They take it slow and respectful to their own feelings and preferences.


How do I get a girlfriend on social media?


This can be a little overwhelming for some people, especially when they realize that she’s a few notches above their own status.

And for some, they can be offended by this. A little more than a little, not overmuch, actually.

But trust me on this one.


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Interesting date…


Suppose you are dating a woman a few notches above your status.

She is doing that to allow for a more secure and trusting relationship.

In that case, it’s right and just. And if she wants to have the relationship that way, then it’s correct and appropriate.

The important thing is to understand that she wants to do that and not push it and accept it.

If she lets it go, then the relationship will suffer.

In turn, you will feel a little less vulnerable, more secure, and more at ease with yourself and life—a win-win for all.


There are a lot of people who don’t trust online dating…


I know that some men don’t trust online dating.

It is the pressure to jump into a relationship instantaneously.

If a woman wants to be friends, and you’re hoping to be husband and companion, then she will let you know if she is that interested.

She won’t be putting pressure on you to be husband and companion instantly.

Remember that your intelligence, your understanding of the world are your most significant assets in online dating and your most fantastic tool in finding the perfect match for you.

If your mind is open and loving, then you will be ready to take the relationship slowly. Your date will be able to relax and trust you enough to open up.

It is not just you against her; your mind is on the same side as well.

When your mind is on the same side as hers, it is a mighty thing.


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You’ve got your chance…


In online dating, you are given a chance to search for the right woman for you based on what you are looking for.

Remember, you are in this business to find women that will suit your personality, lifestyle, and personality traits. So don’t take it as an offense and use it as a tool to find the perfect woman for you.

Remember that you are not looking for the supermodel that does makeup and has all this expensive designer stuff.

You are looking for a woman who is simple, plain, and uncomplicated, like yourself.

Your lady will take it as a compliment if you’re honest and straightforward like you usually are in your day-to-day life.


Be honest with your date!


Be straightforward. Be honest. Be you.

This is seemingly the best way to start any relationship.

Women like honesty and a real man. They will also appreciate a simple man. After all, they think he is the best of both worlds because they want simplicity.

And they will also like an honest man because you will never run into a lie while dating online. Women are intuitive to know whether the men they date are truthful or not because it is extremely tough to get a woman to go out with a liar (read this article for a valuable piece of advice; or this other article as well).

If you want to be married, when you get married, be honest with your wife.

If you’re going to have a long marriage and want to save on expenses, be honest with your lady.


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Be confident in yourself and your luck…


Be confident in yourself.

Don’t be embarrassed, and you will attract the woman of your dreams.

Again, don’t go overboard. Let them know that you like them and have a good body; you don’t need to tell her every single thing about yourself. This will make you look really needy, not a good sign, as they say.


Here starts the talking…


When you start talking to her, and you’re ready to meet her, tell her in small increments. An interesting blog post about words that describe emotions and happiness is here; click the link and read, please. Or this other blog post of mine, too.

This will stop her from feeling awkward. This will stop her from judging you because she will not assess you as a man.

Just a simple “Hi, how are you?” by your is good enough.

If you’re really nervous, you can start to tell her how beautiful she is by saying something like, “You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful.” Just a simple “hi” works well.

Be honest and greet her with the happiness that she gave you.


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Start with a short cam show!


Be open to being met. If you’re shy and don’t want to meet a girl directly, you can start with a cam show. If you don’t have a simple cam, you can still put her up on Youtube, Dailymotion, or a similar website that will allow her to see you in person (if you are interested in more online love stories, please, click this link).

This will make her realize that you are willing to put in a bit of effort in getting to know her.

So she will understand that you’re eager to see her as a possible girlfriend, but not as your “last chance” lover.


It’s easy…


As you can see, it’s easy to get a girlfriend online, as long as you’re honest and proactive in the process.

This is why I recommend to anyone that is looking for a girlfriend online that they should set up a show for her to see in person what you’re like.

It will make her get it, and the show will make her understand that you’re a man who has confidence and is ready to take a risk in meeting a woman (something to make it easier, simply copy@paste here)


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Online Dating: What Do You Do to Make Your Life Happy?


“She eventually realized she was the only person she found to be good enough for him. Long story short, they take it very slowly to give them time to transition and see if they could handle dating, not just a platonic friendship.”

She gradually gets to know him. He does not want to be left alone when he gets home.

He makes her dinner, cleans her house, takes care of her dog and cat, and takes her places.

Then she finds out that he has a business, a home, a sports car, and an expensive sports jacket.

She tells him this, and he tells her the company must have a presence in the community, and he will resign from his job.


She is shocked.



sad looking person


He then tells her, with complete sincerity, that he has never been successful in his life and has been very unlucky in life.

The truth is, he has been fired from every single job he has ever held.

This includes, but is not limited to, working at a fast-food restaurant, as a custodian, as a factory worker, as a checkout clerk, as a warehouse worker, and as a fast-food delivery boy. The list is endless.

He has never been married and is now dating multiple women at once!

Then he tells her about his business and the sports car. He shows her a picture of himself and her, and when he gets to be a little too long for her, he cuts it off.

He loves this newfound compassion that she has for him.

And he also loves having her care for his dogs and cats.

The relationship is stronger because of it. It is the best thing that has ever occurred to him.

The next time he talks to her, she has already forgotten the lies.



Stop your lies!


He doesn’t need to keep lying to her. He is no longer worried about losing her trust.

He has a reason, to tell the truth to her. He tells her the truth because he wants her to love him for who he is, and he has nothing to lose by telling her the truth.

Truthfulness to her is kind to him. He has nothing to lose.

He has his family. So he tells her the truth.

Then, one day, when she has already forgotten, the truth.

He is hurt. He can’t believe that she has forgotten the truth.

In his heart, he knows it must be her own fault for being so lazy with the truth.

So he decides to get her to remember the truth.

He takes her to a public place and tells her the truth. He gets her to pick out the truth as he tells it to her.


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Lies, lies, lies–it’s all lies!


The truth is, he has been lying to her from the beginning.

When he found out she was a single parent, he took her to a free daycare and paid for her daughter to be taken care of.

He has never been able to work a day in his life, but he bought his daughter a car and told her that the car was for her.

That was the truth.


Lies uncovered…


That day, his lies were discovered, the damage was done.

Her faith in him was shattered. She could never trust him.

The only reason she had not told him this sooner was because she was afraid of him hurting her.

His lie affected her heart. And it had nothing to do with the lie about being a single parent.




Stopping the lies…


After that experience, he stopped lying.

He stopped telling lies and became an honest guy.

He has made small amends for the damage he had done to his own family. He is a caring person. But the damage was done, for good.

He has apologized to his wife and made her forgive him. And she forgives him. It was a process, not a miracle. It was a start for all of us.


Don’t forget this…


The truth is, we are all just people who do things that others love to see.

We tell white lies and black lies. Big and little lies. The truth is, we make mistakes. We do things we think are correct, and others don’t think they are right.

But that is our life. We are all just doing our own something.

Making our own decisions. Making our own choices.


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Don’t hurt other people!


When we tell big lies, we hurt people. We hurt ourselves. When we tell little lies, we hurt others. When we tell white lies, black lies, and little black lies, we hurt ourselves as well.

When we tell the truth and the whole truth, we hurt no one. 

To Be Remembered!

The important thing is, when we tell lies, we hurt people.

When we tell the truth, we make friends. We find love. We create a family, and we believe we deserve respect as we give others the reverence they deserve.

And by telling the truth, we show others the respect we deserve.


What do you do to make your life happy?


One of my friends asked, “What do you do to make your life happy?”

I told her what I always do, what my parents always did, and what my children’s parents always did.

And she asked, “So what makes your life happy?”

My answer to her was, “I tell the truth, and I tell the whole truth.”


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