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How to Be Happy and Stay Happy


This would be a sensitive contribution –  How to Be and Stay Happy – to this site.


But let’s start with the beginning…


I, too, have my life. In my life, I also had numerous moments of almost unspeakable happiness. I mean those moments when you have enough money to prepare and put food on the table for your family and yourself, for the husband, for the kids and maybe the grandchildren. We are all happy and around the house.


How long does happiness last?


I, too, have often wondered, “What is Happiness?” When are we happy? When are we unhappy?


What does it take to turn happiness into being unhappy?


We take it for granted, for being it quite natural to be healthy and young, wealthy, and with a large, loving family, with no severe financial problems or major problems.


Well, in short, my life was like a movie. Everything was shiny, merry, joyful, all perspectives were crystal clear…


The Big Change


Then, suddenly, everything changed for me. I started to feel uncomfortable, dizzy, I began to feel various pains in various places – you know the symptoms…


I understood something was not quite alright with my body. But I knew immediately that happiness is not just an emotion, but a powerful tool that can help us survive all kinds of significant issues every day.

Let me insist more on speaking about what it means being happy (and see a great article here)…


Happiness helps us achieve our goals and dreams faster. It helps us immensely enjoy life’s journey while laughing, eating, and having fun. As people would say, amazingly, happiness is like something built-in. We already have it. We just have to nudge it out.


Unfortunately, as many people usually do, I too found out that we don’t have all the time in the universe and everything, everything could simply disappear in a split second.

How to Be and Stay Happy. Disease Avoid

Well then, don’t wait for anything or take things for granted! This is my advice!


We can all be happy with who we are and what we have now. Simply imagine that.



Major Facts and Problems Happen



Now, let’s go back to my severe and significant problems! For months, I’ve kept struggled with the pain using all kinds of prescription pain relievers that made me feel worse, worse, worse…


Unfortunately, in one particular day, when the pain reached a new limit, I considered it quite seriously that these are not going to go away just like that, and that might be something pretty serious indeed.


First, I started to read and build a structure of ideas about the health problems I could possibly have developed. Well, the ultrasound made it quite clear to me.



Physicians may recommend certain drugs by prescription or perhaps surgical treatment for the disease. Nevertheless, both can just be temporary since they only treat the signs and the symptoms.


If the wrongdoer is determined as being your diet plan, you can begin by substantially raising the amount of fresh and organic vegetables. You have to consume them while also avoiding a-hydrogenated oils.


It would certainly also be excellent to prevent products based upon soy and milk as well as ideally limit the number of grains that you consume.


The genetic reasons for the occurrence of the disease are an immune system that has actually been deteriorated. Poor diet practices might be some other reason.

These are simply some instances of things that you can do.


I hope that this blogpost was of some interest to you. I used information from an exciting book, “Ovarian Cyst Miracle” by Carol Foster, author, researcher, nutritionist, and health consultant.


She dedicated her life to creating the ultimate holistic ovarian cyst solution to permanently cure all types of ovarian cysts. She also aims to improve the quality of your life without prescription medication or surgery, without any side effects.


Conclusion: Be Happy and Stay Happy and Healthy


As you could already read in the “About me” page, my first language is not English. Still, many people around me keep telling me that I am speaking and writing English pretty well. How nice of them!


However, although the writing quality should always be crucial as unfortunately, imprecise writing leads to unclear ideas – and then, what’s the point of you reading my modest contributions? – the main focus of this blog would something centered on the understanding and cure – through various treatments – of these diseases…


Thank you for reading my blog post (please, have a try of this other blog post; it would be of interest to you, I think). I sincerely hope that you are well and happy and you will stay well and happy!


Maria Simmons


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How to Be and Stay Happy. Avoid Disease

Thank you for your time and attention in reading my blog posts.

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