How Healthy Relationships Positively IMPACT Health. Benefits. MENTAL Health

Mental Health – How Positive Relationships Benefits You


Do healthy relationships positively impact your general health? Why is maintaining a healthy relationship so important?

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What are the decisive factors that contribute to positive mental health? Well, these are really tough questions!


Benefits of Healthy Relationships


Let us read a little bit about what an unhealthy relationship might look like (how it seems to develop itself and how it manifests itself) in this article:


“You feel like nothing you ever do is quite right and are constantly trying to prove your worth. You become addicted to his validation. Whenever you do something, and it generates any sort of approval from him, you feel relieved, and it gives you just enough rope to hang onto.

You try even more challenging to get more of that feeling and feel like a failure when it doesn’t come. No matter how hard you try, you never feel like you’re enough or like you’re doing things right.”

In fact, you don’t even know what you’re doing wrong because you don’t see yourself as anything but a successful one.


positively healthy impact and benefits


You are constantly trying to do and prove yourself.

You try to become more romantic and loving.

But the problem is that the person you want to be with is still unsure how he feels about you.

If you try too hard to prove yourself, the one you want to be with will feel threatened and pull away.


Why are positive relationships important?


A sign of a healthy relationship is that when you want something from the person you are with and do not respond in kind, you know that you are still on friendly terms and get the relationship back on track.

You are still getting the feeling that you are enough.

In a relationship, you need to know that you are enough to fill up your partner’s need for love.

You need to feel comfortable and loved.

When you feel that comfortable and loved, you are much more likely to want to give and be nice to the person you are with.

You will be willing to try even harder to make the relationship work and have fewer expectations, and are more likely to stay in the relationship (another blog post of mine, about words describing happiness and expressing emotions, is here; just click the link).


Why is maintaining healthy relationships so important?


People in love and who want to be in love with their partner do not feel that they are enough to show two main signs in their behavior.

  • They have a desire to love, and they want the feeling of love in their heart and are willing to risk getting hurt to have that feeling.
  • They have a solid need to have the relationship be smooth. These persons are willing to invest energy and time, and money to help the relationship work.

After all, positive and healthy relationships are significant for your mental health (see this article as well)!


strange couple not so well for your relationship



After a while, you just have a feeling that he doesn’t really love you.


You wonder if you’re doing something wrong, and you try to make him love you by showing him what you’ve got, by proving to him what your heart is.

But you wonder what you have to do to make him love you (an exciting article with the title Can I Manifest My Ex Back?” is here; click the link and it will open a new window in your browser).

Perhaps you have developed some common ground, but nothing ever clicks for you, and your attempts are futile.

One of the most frustrating things is when you do nothing wrong, yet you get the same response every time.

One time you’re nice to a waiter, and he’ll call you later and compliment you on how you treated the waiter. On another occasion, you’re upset with another girlfriend’s constant lies. Yet, he’ll congratulate you on how you handled the situation and ask if you’re ok.

These moments that you do nothing wrong, you see him doing anything and everything right.


Why are positive relationships important?


You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The feeling of knowing that he is being complimented on you is infuriating.

You can also be in a situation where your actions don’t seem like you are trying to do anything wrong, yet he still finds you perfect.

This makes you wonder if he is looking at you or other things.

The feeling of knowing that he is looking at other things than you is a painful one.

The fact that you can never figure out why he’s treating you this way towards you, but he finds you perfect in every way, is frustrating.

But the feeling that he’s getting something he doesn’t deserve is a severe one.


Positive and supportive relationships in mental health


One of the more unpleasant feelings you can feel is that he’s treating you like some possession.

You see, he’s taking you to a restaurant that he had booked months ago and is paying for it all alone. You ask him if he’s ok, and he tells you that he has been thinking about you and that he doesn’t know what to say.

He didn’t know if he could handle the idea of spending time with you but decided that he wanted to.

This makes you feel like you are his possession.

And…this is not at all ok for your mental health! If you’re interested in an article about dating and getting a girlfriend/boyfriend online, please, click the link.


healthy relationship beneficial




But the fact that he’s going to bed with you feels like he is treating you like some property makes you feel emotionally betrayed.

You see, to get him to go to bed with you and for him to be able to come back to you, he had to give you some assurance.

He had to promise you that he is loyal to you and will not be around you for long.

If he didn’t make such promises, he wouldn’t be able to come back to you.

This means that he did wrong to you if he doesn’t make such promises (more reading here).



You feel betrayed


Yes! You feel betrayed; you cannot talk and cannot understand why he is acting this way.

But when you gain control of the situation and tell him how you feel, the whole problem is different.

You find yourself telling him that he is wrong in treating you this way, and he says, “ok.” Then you say, “it’s ok, I love you.” But this shows that you have grown and learned; a sense of understanding has come out of the experiences.


Why are positive relationships needed for emotional health?


When you feel as if you have gained control of the situation and can talk to him, you realize what he has done wrong.

You take responsibility for yourself.

He must have done something wrong to make you feel that way.

But he did nothing wrong.

You show to him that it is also his fault that he made you feel that way.

You explain to him how it could have been avoided by making the promises that he did.

But he still did not listen to you. He didn’t feel that your need was essential to him.

Therefore he did not think about giving you what you needed. He did not make such promises.

This means that he was selfish because he didn’t care about the other person.


He was selfish


This means that he was a lousy lover—a bad man.

You will feel so much hatred for him and do all that you can to let him know that you not only don’t accept bad behavior, but you punish him for such behavior too.

But he will still treat you as if nothing had happened and will still make such promises and try to get you to feel how valuable you are.

Because he doesn’t imagine that the relationship is over.

He thinks that the feelings are still there and that this is his chance to win you over.


good for your health and relationship


He believes that he can do better.


A better man wouldn’t be selfish.

A better man would be sensitive to the other person’s feelings, wouldn’t treat anyone as a possession, and wouldn’t think only about his own pleasure and profit.

This is the key to win your heart and make you love him forever.


You have to take the initiative.


You have to make the first moves. If your partner wasn’t capable of doing something, you have to do it for him.

But here is the thing.

You can’t force anybody to love you.

You have to find a way to make him feel that you are worthy of love by being his companion and sharing his joys and pains.

You have to make him assume that you are so unique that he doesn’t want to be without you.


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What are the positive effects of having a healthy relationship?



The relationship is in trouble; this is something about relationships that is hard to see.

It takes energy to go on, and the less you put in, the more you get out.


How To Get Your Partner To Feel Loved And Enthusiastic About You!


The energy you put in has to do with all those things like your partner’s need to hear that you care.

Putting in energy does not always give you what you want.

If you put in as much energy as it takes to please the other person, you will know when you are not getting what you want.

It is then time to give more fuel to the other person to see if you can move the relationship forward.


Move your marriage forward.


If you are not careful in your energy, you can hurt the person you are trying to please. So it would help if you were careful. If you need more stuff about this, here is an article of mine about the possibilities of fixing a toxic relationship. Just click the link!)

You can be giving a lot and offering to get what you want, but in the end, you will find that you have not done what is best for the other person.

So you need to ask yourself, does this give more energy than what is required?

If you have, you should consider letting them go and learn something from your partner.


other benefits of a healthy marriage


Thinking about how your partner feels


If you think that they want to be with you, you need to think about how your partner feels.

They need to be with you because they have felt loved, appreciated, and supported by you.

They cannot go on being angry or jealous because they have not felt supported by you.

Suppose they are in a relationship where they cannot feel loved and appreciated. In that case, the energy is moving elsewhere, and you need to make sure that you do not give more power than is required and when a healthy relationship doesn’t positively impact your health.


It’s all about positive energy in a healthy relationship.


If you are a person who can give a lot of energy, but you do not get what you want, then the relationship is not healthy.

When you want something from your partner, you give energy, and when you do not get it, you feel like giving less energy, and you give less.

Use this to your advantage if you want them to feel loved and supported.

It would be best if you didn’t start giving less energy to them because that will harm the relationship.

You will look needy, dependent, and in a relationship where you do not care about your partner.

You must build up this relationship with them. Do not neglect it.

To get the love and appreciation that you want and need from your partner, when you want more, you give more, and in the end, you will get it, and the relationship will be more healthy and more robust.

This is how healthy relationships can positively impact your overall health.



Shatter The Feedback Loop


Do you remember this little fragment at the very beginning of my enticing (hopefully) article?

“No matter how hard you try, you never feel like you’re enough or like you’re doing things right.”

This feeling is in every way a feedback loop.

It creates inadequacy; you try to feel good about yourself and feel like you’re doing things correctly.

You are trying to earn his love because you feel like a failure or you don’t measure up to some idealized standard you have.

Every time you go on a date with him, you want to prove your worth.

You’re playing a game of try again, thank you, I understand, but that game doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter how many times you appreciate him and how many times you explain what you are trying to do; he still has no idea what you’re talking about.

You spend more time and energy trying to describe your idea than actually doing the idea.


How healthy relationships positively impact your overall health


It feels like you’re doing things all wrong.


Even though you are saying the right things, you wonder where it went wrong in the back of your mind.

Even though you are speaking the words correctly, you still feel like you don’t know what’s going on.

Sometimes you get the approval you want, and he doesn’t give it.

He gives it sometimes, but mainly he doesn’t provide it.

The best way to describe how this plays out is it is a feedback loop.


The feedback loop – How healthy relationships positively impact your health


It feels like you’re doing things all wrong, but you are really doing things all right.

This is the most common situation. You might think you’re rational, but you are really just feeling attached.

When you start to feel attached to someone, you don’t think about the long-term repercussions; you feel like you have to spend more time with them.

When you start to feel attached, you begin to feel out of control, but you don’t feel controlled.

You’re stuck, and it seems wrong for your partner not to give you the endorsement you want, but you feel like you don’t have any control.

It feels wrong because you are feeling out of control.




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