Fast-Track to GOOD Online Dating Profiles to Copy & Paste

Is It Better to Copy & Paste Some Good Online Dating Profiles to Avoid Failure?


Definitely, you are not interested in learning to compose a terrific profile if you aren’t into online dating. Definitely, if you are into this, the easiest way out would be to copy & paste some good online dating profiles that worked super efficiently.

How does it work? Which way is the shortest one, with guaranteed results, to meet the perfect partner online?


Or it is definitely worse, and the best thing would be to concoct your own profile…


Why would you try to be funny, or mysterious, or exciting, or sad online if you wouldn’t be interested in meeting a possible partner, looking for exactly what it is you are “offering?”


young lady waiting for her date


What is a good profile for online dating?


A screen name that is memorable yet cool can be a great inspiration to others, so don’t make a stupid name like”BrunosBabe” or”PepsPants.”

However, a “simple-yet-effective” name like “Bruno the Boy-Scout” could be just the thing that gets the attention of girls you are interested in.

It’s a big turn-off if your profile name is generic or a “bad reputation” for a profile like”Hustler” is.

Finally, you want to make your profile stand out from the rest of the pack; a great way to do that is to be different. Figure out how to have fun with your profile without making it mean.


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Write a captivating profile. Don’t just copy & paste a good profile for your online datings



Let’s read online about this and notice what other people say, for instance, in this article:


“The profile creation process is pretty simple. One of the most challenging parts of setting up an account consists of determining your profile name, figuring out that delicate balance between not using your actual name, trying to figure out which of your interests/hobbies are good enough to spotlight in your screen name, yet not making that screen name tacky can give a person pause. The good thing is that most people don’t even pay attention to profile names unless they’re utterly ridiculous. Don’t stress about it, but at least give it a good try.”

The profile picture should be a photo of you in your favorite outfit.

Most profiles go on forever and never even have a photo of the person in question, so no one can judge whether you look like a fashion plate or a mug shot.

The carefully chosen profile picture is the first thing people see; it doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of you or your pet; people will use that to judge if you are the person they are looking for.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


online dating couple


Be yourself, be honest, but be different.

Be yourself, but don’t mention your past relationships; sometimes, this isn’t your best option, but it could depend on various circumstances.

There are instances where some people are out to find a long-term relationship (read this article about various profiles for various intentions; this one could be useful too).

And they need to have a relationship history on their profile so that they can run some tests to see if they would have an honest, long-term relationship.

As I was saying, a positive online dating profile shouldn’t be the mere result of some clever copy & paste. Use your instincts and get better than your competition…

Life is harder than simply a good bunch of online dating profiles to copy and paste for you…


at sunset


Give Yourself a Headline 


The next part is probably the essential part of creating your profile, the photo.

You might be tempted to slap the best-looking photo on your profile and forget about it, but that’s not a great idea.

Remember how many profiles contain a photo of someone sitting at their computer without a shirt on?

And that one was taken in 2004, and the person who wrote that profile isn’t in their twenties.

They’re in their forties, and many people are disappointed when they’re contacted by someone without a photo, especially someone who wants to keep it as anonymous as possible.


anxious girl


The Photo, the photo, the photo…………..


The photo is the FIRST thing that will get other people interested in your profile.

It will be the last thing they contact you, so you should really spend the time to make sure it’s the best photo you can find.

It shouldn’t be a glamour shot or a mugshot.

If you want to try and be a fashion plate, take your old pictures and make the outfit and jewelry work.

When you put a photo in your profile, be sure that the image is current and not too sexy, so don’t put a picture of you from when you were in college or a picture of you in your pajamas. Another blog post of mine on a related matter is here.


funny guy and girlfriend as a result of a fast-track to applying good online dating profiles to copy and paste


Put a fun photo that shows your personality, and that does not have a negative connotation.

There’s really no need to put a picture of you doing something harmful.

Some other classic examples of this would be put a picture of you on an expensive car or in front of a mirror with your shirt off.

Remember, the difference is easy to spot.

What you put in your profile does not matter as long as you are creative and fun with your profile.

However, if you make a mistake in the words that you put in your profile, you will most likely be ignored.


Make it part of the character you are portraying.


Some sites will pay for you to have your photos taken by professionals.

And there are paid sites that will allow you to have your photos taken by friends and family.

It is crucial, make sure it’s the best shot you’ve got.

If you get photos taken backward, it’s not going to show how you look now.

If you’re trying to be a good-looking guy, make sure you’re good-looking NOW.

If you’re trying to be a pretty girl, make sure you’re good-looking NOW.


interesting dating pair


Be specific!


And the other thing is to be specific about who you are and what you want.

Don’t just say you are an athletic chick or a good-looking guy.

Say what sport you play or what lifestyle you aspire to.

That will help people decide if you’re someone they would like to meet and who you are.


aspiring for a quality partner


Start writing an amazing profile.


Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, you can start to write your profile.

I would suggest you use only 6 paragraphs maximum; these are going to be the first words that rapidly come out of your mouth, so you need to make them count.

I would suggest that you give 3 of these paragraphs more than 3 words, so the last sentence is something like this:

“I am a person who enjoys getting together with friends and having a good time. I have a great sense of humor, and I think everyone should strive to have the same qualities. I want to meet that someone confident, engaging, friendly, and adventurous.”

So, this is your headline; now you need to give people an idea of what you’re about. So it would help if you said in your profile what you like and what you are interested in.


angry woman


For me, this is everything.

So I might write something like this:

“I am a person who likes being outdoors, camping, hiking, dancing, going to the movies, reading, or working on cars, bikes, or repair shops. I like cooking and decorating, doing crafts, or I like spending time with family and friends.”

And now you have written a paragraph that describes who you are, so there is no need for you to say what you’re looking for.

Now you need to fill in information about yourself, so start with your name, date of birth, zip code, whether you smoke or drink, whether you smoke and how often, and lastly, your interests.

Again, for me, this is everything.

So I might write something like this:

“I am a smoker, who has smoked for 10 years or more, who drinks occasionally, who likes to read, who enjoys dancing and food, and I like to cook and decorate.”


What is a good profile for online dating


Now we’re getting somewhere; we need to find the following paragraph that describes us, so use the same principle of what you wrote in your previous section.

Replace your interests with your hobbies so that you might write:

“I am a person who likes to watch movies, camp, and sports, who loves to cook and decorate, who drinks rarely and smokes once in a while, and I am not a night person.”

And now we have a paragraph describing us.

Now we need to find our next section.

So go through your profile, see if you can’t find something that defines who you are, and then write it.

For example, if I said I like to watch movies, I would write:

“I like to go to the movies, so I’ll give movies a shot.”


three guys waiting for a colorful date


And now we have a paragraph about us, and we have a potential headline for our profile.

And finally, we need to write our profile, so write your profile as you normally would. But this time, replace your name with your headline, so say if you’re named Bob, then compose:

“My name is Bob, and I enjoy movies, camping, gardening, cooking, and decorating, and I am a night person.”

So that’s all there is to it.

Now you simply need to post your profile, and away you go!

In short (and here you could get or imagine something extra):

  • Write down everything you can remember about your profile (more about membership and profile here)
  • This will give you something to write about.
  • If you are writing about a hobby, then list the things you enjoy doing.
  • This will help you get rid of any negatives about you, so you can focus on getting other people to like you instead of your bad qualities.


tourism and dating online


Case No 2. Suppose You’re a Guy Venturing into Online Dating…


Let’s try to re-examine elaborating your profile and suppose you were a guy trying to get a girlfriend online.


Tips on how to do it well


Being a good person is not as important as it seems.

The online world is actually a little tricky concerning dating and could easily get you disillusioned with dating.

You will have to do some things just as you would do offline.

If you plan on talking to people you’ve met here, use the same etiquette as offline.

Remember, you are facing this hypothetical person for the first time.

Also, most of these people are actually strangers. Keep this in mind while talking to them.

There is a big difference between being casual and seeming like you are making fun of them.


success or failure quote


Figure out what your interests are


The great thing about creating an account with a dating site is that you can basically search through people who are going through the same thing as you.

Find people who have the same interests as you, what you’re looking for, and talk about it.

You won’t find anything embarrassing, supposedly, but you might find someone who shares your passions.

But make it clear which ones are yours and theirs, as some are very blatant or confusing. You wouldn’t like to get there and not know anymore which profile is describing you genuinely.


speaking with her


Look around for a perfect screen name.


Once you’ve determined what your interests are, look around and see what people are talking about.

You’ll probably find a few names that seem right to you.

Ask around about them, see if anyone has actually heard of these names.

If someone already used them on their profile, then avoid them.

If nobody knows about them and they’re not used on a profile, then use them.


Avoid confusing your name with your screen names.


Once you’ve decided which names you like, avoid using those names on your profile.

Use aliases that seem more playful that try to make people laugh, and are not tacky.

Think of your name as your brand; avoid screen names that don’t match that.

For instance, if you’re a funny guy who likes to go to comedy clubs, avoid screen names like “funnyguyclub.”


young man after composing a great profile and using some really good online dating profiles to copy and paste


Upload appropriate photos


No matter how cute your picture is, make sure that it matches your description.

Some people pick screen names with cute images because it’s easy to say that they like pretty things.

Avoid using pictures with you on a bicycle and smiling.

However, if you’re looking for a girl who also likes to go to comedy clubs and go on bike rides, upload a picture with you on a bicycle and smiling, too.

Photos make the first impression.

And this first impression could be the decisive one, too.



And please do not upload pictures of you dressed casually.

Nobody wants to know if you work in an office environment or if you work in marketing. Those are casual clothes, and there are plenty of women who have these interests.

A picture makes it clear about your interests.




About honesty online…


Be honest.

We all know that it’s essential to be clever when using online dating services.

Definitely, you’ll have a lot more success if you stay yourself.

It helps enormously to be honest when making your profile.

It’s a positive trait to be frank when talking to people in real-time.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not if you are. It isn’t polite.


Honesty makes the relationship.


And remember, honesty makes the relationship.

And a good relationship can be founded on honesty and respect. If you’re really interested in genuine online love, read this blog post of mine by clicking the link.

So don’t cheat on online dating. Be yourself, and be honest.


profile and avatars


Take care of yourself.


There are lots of people who may be interested in you, so choose your screen names wisely.

If you are serious about dating online, then you should know how to take care of yourself so that you can get a person who is interested in you, too.

And if you don’t know how to take care of yourself, it’s not a good thing.

So have a look at your interests and learn how to make the most of the dating sites. It’s not a bad thing to have any interest.


Use the chat rooms.


Be very careful when using the chat rooms. Because when you’re chatting in real-time, things happen.

So it’s good to have a screen name that is amusing and is related to your common screen name.

That is, why have a screen name that says, I’m funny when you’re not. Then it’s not a good screen name.


people in the street


Don’t try to be someone you’re not.


Because if you’re funny, the person might think that you’re just making things up. And when you’re not funny, you can’t make things up. It’s just not possible.

So don’t try to be funny when you’re not. You won’t be funny.

Don’t use a screen name that’s too sexually suggestive. But you definitely should know how to take care of yourself before you go on a date so that you don’t get hurt (this blog post of mine could be valuable, I hope).

If you put up a picture of yourself 10 years ago, or any photo of another person, this can give the impression that you have something to hide.

This is a huge turn-off.

Lastly, your profile should be accurate.

If you want to meet someone new, put that in your profile, and make sure you are the only one who has seen it.

If there are 2 or 3 people who have visited your profile, it can give the impression that someone is trying to hide something.

The last thing you want to do is meet someone who was just too good to be true.

Make sure that you are not offensive.

If you arent taking this seriously, you shouldn’t have put your profile up in the first place.


new date offline


Again, about the pictures in your profile…


Many people say that it’s a recommendable thing not to take too many pictures; it’s not a good idea.

Just take one or two.

One of them should be your face, and the other one should be mainly your body.

And take pictures of yourself when you were in a comfortable position and when you were relaxed.

And take clear pictures.

When your profile is complete, you should have seen the most recent picture of yourself.

You should be and look active and happy.

If you aren’t, you may want to take a break. You shouldn’t be tired or sad or look as if you have nowhere to go.

You should look as if you are ready for something.


people after online services




Now, go online and make a profile and meet a lot of women.

And when you have met them, tell them who you are, and what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.

And if you meet a woman, tell her what it is that you’re looking for.

And ask her. And learn about her.

Ask her about her online dating profile, interests, things she likes to do, and the things she likes to read.

And see if you are the same if you fit together.


wisdom on instagram and good online dating profiles to copy and paste






P.S. All photos were used from the “Captiva Collection,” People (1) and Romance, Wedding, Pregnancy by David Watson (bought copyright). The featured image was done in Canva. The Instagram-style quotes are from the Quote Collection by the same author, and I have bought the copyright. The illustrations come from Pixabay, from Kevin Phillips, Prawny, and Victoria_Borodinova (a great thank you and congratulations for their quality work).


P.S.2. Please, observe that English is not my first language. If mistakes or strange word associations are sounding a little bit weird, please excuse my skills. I sincerely hope that my post – Fast-Track to GOOD Online Dating Profiles to Copy & Paste – was beneficial for you.


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