Do You Want to Have an Affair with a Married Man? Consequences

Why not? What were you thinking? Why wouldn’t you have an affair with married men?


Fantasizing about it? Do you want to have an affair with a married man?

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What makes it not just possible but widespread?

After a couple is married for too long, both parties will tend to forget that they are married to each other.


do you want to have an affair with a married man


This is because they do not have to share many details about their life anymore.




There are specific scenarios where it may be advantageous to have an affair with a married man, and those scenarios are as follows:

  • He is very experienced and knows exactly how to handle any situation you might ever have. This could be that one night of passion, and she is not willing or able to comply. If this is the case, it may make more sense to stay with your partner and work through your issues.
  • You think you could grow old with him and know exactly how to handle the challenges that are in store for you. Perhaps you will grow old together, or maybe you will grow apart, but it is never the same; you will constantly be developing as a couple. If this is the case, you could grow stronger as a couple, but the other party may want to continue to grow apart. You also never know what they will want in the future, and if this is the case, you might as well stay with your partner and grow together.
  • Something is missing from your relationship, and you believe that an affair could fill that gap. As a couple, you are more connected, and there is a void that an affair can fill. However, if this is the case, why would a married man need to look elsewhere for something already there?

Signs a married man is using you…


Married men are more experienced, generally more sorted, financially stable, and know how to handle fairer sex.

They are better than the floaters’ single men around (more on signs of cheating husband guilt and consequences here; click the link; it will open in a new page in your browser).

Most married men enjoy a relationship and a wife’s company.

Read more on the main reason why there are so many people married and in love with someone else.


A better head for women psychology.


Married men are generally more experienced and have a better head for women psychology.

In most ways, they are more secure and better placed to look after the needs of a woman’s ego.

The fact is, women have complex emotions, and if you attempt to look after them, an affair is likely to ensue.

Some women like having a man’s protection, and the relationship develops into something more.


The reality is, women are very needy and want to be looked after.


Married men who pursue you are not likely to be willing to marry you.

This is something that has to happen before any romance can develop.

If he does not feel the excitement of being single, how can he commit to you?



Married men are more vulnerable to an affair.


I believe there are some reasons why married men are more vulnerable to an affair.

The first is that they have a greater sense of entitlement.

It seems like every married man thinks he is more intelligent and cleverer than his wife.

He believes he can go out and get a new girlfriend without the guilt of hurting his wife.

He will also believe that his wife has no business being in the relationship.

This is the husband’s fault, and he feels justified in throwing her out.


Are there any signs a married man wants to sleep with you?


It is more common for men to walk away from an affair with no emotional baggage than for men to walk away without anything.

After being involved with a married man, it is also common to neglect the dangers of dating a married man (if you are interested in reading more about affairs with married men, click the link; or this link).


The final reason is familiarity.


The wife is not the first woman he has been with.

She is not the second, third or fourth.

She is familiar, and this creates an identity for the affair to grow in.

Also, men in the middle of a relationship with a married woman are often more ready to be intimate because they are not thinking about leaving.




Married men have already forgotten about their marriage.


They have already forgotten about their marriage.

And they realize that the other woman, married or not, is probably not any better than they are.

Thus they are also ready to be intimate.

However, as soon as they start to share intimate details about their marriage, they realize they are giving details they do not want to hear.

I do not think that infidelity should be considered an offense.

You should not take it easy, but you should not be blinded by the excitement of a new relationship that will last longer than their marriage (more on how to end an affair here; the link will open in a new browser).


What does a married man want in an affair?


They will probably give you all the details about the relationship that they have shared with their buddies and the like.

Therefore, they will forget their wife because they want to forget about their marriage.

Suppose they think that you are not going to find out they are cheating.

In that case, they will just keep on repeating the process until eventually, they leave the relationship.

You must understand that the man who is cheating does not do so because he doesn’t love his wife.

He is already committed to someone else (about ways to preserve marriage, click this link).


affair with married man


His wife does not satisfy him.


He is doing so for sexual reasons as his wife does not satisfy him.

Married men will not discuss the relationship with their wives because the wives do not meet their needs.

However, the affair does not end there.

The affair has caused the husband to feel sad, inadequate, frustrated, angry, and disappointed.

The affair has made him think that he is no longer attractive and desirable.

It has given him the feeling that he is no longer on top.

It has made him feel that he will never be a real man.

So, the affair does not end with the sexual encounter.

It will be ongoing. It will make him feel better and will give him an outlet for his frustration.


What do you call a woman who dates a married man? Ignore this…


You must understand that men who are cheating do so mainly because of sexual needs.

Sex is not the only reason.

There is another reason, and that is the pressure that their mates put upon them to perform, and this they will not do and will not tolerate being asked to perform.


It always takes more time.


If your husband were not a cheater, you might think it would take some time for you to accept him.

But if you do not face this issue of accepting him and how he cheats and how he will cheat again, you will not be free of this problem.

You will go through the same cycle of being angry and disappointed and then accepting him, and this will take you to the point where you no longer get it.

This will make him feel insecure and that you are not happy with him.

This will prevent him from doing this again.


interesting image


Be aware of his emotions, but don’t confront him or do it with subtlety.


You need to pause and think before you head into an affair with a married man.

There are a lot of things to think about.


What if there will be children?


The biggest being that there will be kids.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of thinking about your family first.

The single man may or may not be involved with children.

Still, with a married man, there is a definite possibility that there will be children involved.


Open marriage… A married woman having an affair with a married man…


A straightforward way to avoid this is to find an open marriage.

There are several types, and some men are not honest about it, and others are and have no problem with it.

The only question is, do you trust him, do you not trust him, or just avoid him?

Most of us would avoid them like the plague.

But this is where things can get tricky.


quotes about infidelity


Are there any signs a married man is using you?


If this is the problem, then it may be beneficial to find another solution to that issue.

You may have a cheating wife on your hands, but you have also just found yourself in a married man’s arms.

There is a much greater chance that things will not escalate, but it is better to avoid the situation in the first place.

An affair is easier to discuss than to confront, but it is much more challenging to avoid (if you are interested to read more about breaking up an affair, click the link).

There is a much greater chance that you can avoid it if you are not involved.


want to have an affair


A man only cheats when he is unhappy in his relationship.


If he feels that there is a lack of fulfillment in his relationship.

When a man is not satisfied with his woman, he will be tempted to look elsewhere for that fulfillment.


If you’re having an affair with a married man…


Have you ever been in an affair with a married man or married woman and end up falling in love with that person?

How did it turn out for you?


fantasy about partner


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