Dealing With a Cheating Girlfriend | (How) To Handle It.

Getting your heart smashed into pieces is no peaceful feeling to handle. Dealing with a cheating girlfriend, you’re likely finding it tough to trust her again and move on. Your life will start to seem senseless to you.


signs of cheating girlfriend psychology


Most men go crazy when it comes to mere cheating. It would help if you didn’t blame them.

Being mindful and attentive towards your partner’s feelings can help shield you from making huge mistakes like cheating back. Put yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes: why did the relationship progress to this?

When you’ve been cheated on, do not extend the fault all on yourself. Sometimes you might find yourself investigating if you’ve contributed to the cheating.

Dwelling on all these issues can only add more emotional stress to you.


She is cheating. Emotions and signs of cheating girlfriend psychology. Are you engaging them?



  1. She’s suddenly changing her tastes and preferences, has become a bit of a foodie, and finds it difficult to resist buying new clothes, buying new perfume, buying new hairstyles, and has become conscious of her physical appearance.
  2. She becomes angry with you for no reason finds it difficult to explain, and can’t explain her behavior, especially to her husband, when she will be out of the house for several days or weeks.
  3. The relationship suddenly starts to turn sour. It could be things like no interest in sex; she doesn’t want to touch you during sex, no affection, she doesn’t want to hold your hand, she may pick fights with you, she may pick fights with your mother, she may get upset when you bring her out of the house. In general, your life is turned upside down when she stops listening to you, stops talking to you, stops providing for you, stops kissing you, stops talking to you, and becomes defensive.
  4. She can’t let go of an old relationship and doesn’t know how to end it. She may be feeling a sense of longing for that old relationship and doesn’t know how to move on without her.
  5. She is suddenly getting death stares and looks whenever you go out. The gaze may be from someone she just met, the look may be from a customer, the look may be from her mother or sister, and the stare may be from someone she’s used to seeing.
  6. She doesn’t want to be intimate anymore. She may not want to make out; she may not want to kiss you; she may not want to be physically close with you. This could be from guilt or also be from newness or fear.
  7. She gets moody and argumentative when you go out. When you’re out, she’s always “not in the mood.” If you go out and she’s not available, she may cancel your date because she has something else that she’s waiting for you to do. This may be because she doesn’t want to be exposed to your guilt or because she’s waiting for you to make a misunderstanding so she can dash off a nasty comment.
  8. She suddenly starts to change her look. She may suddenly begin buying new clothes, buying new make-up, suddenly dressing up her body, changing her hairstyle, changing her perfume, and maybe even changing her underwear style. When she changes her wardrobe, this could be because she’s trying to impress someone else, or it could be that she’s trying to look sexy for you so she can feel more attractive to you.


There are many more signs that you can look for if you’re trying to tell if your wife is cheating. There’s really no evidence required, but this may be enough to see if you suspect something.


How to deal with a cheating girlfriend. It’s important to remember that your marriage or relationship is your responsibility.


It is not your wife’s or your girlfriend’s responsibility.

You should not be investigating your wife if you’re not doing it yourself.


However, doing the investigation yourself does not mean you should make unfounded accusations to make it look like you were right. It simply implies that if you’re doing something wrong, you should take ownership of it and correct it yourself.

You don’t have to investigate her every move.

There’s no need. It’s not healthy. And it’s also unnecessary.

If she’s cheating, she’s probably been doing it.

And if there is infidelity involved, I would highly recommend reading this blog post of mine on anxiety after cheating as a potentially severe issue; click the link to open a new tab in your browser.

And if she’s not cheating, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t be doing what she needs to do to make you happy. But there is a reason why you need to do the investigating.

There is frequently a reason why you need to do the investigating.

If she’s not cheating, she’s been doing what she needs to do to make you happy?!?


Cheating is always about the husband, not the wife. Real-life scenario…


Generally speaking, as you have already understood, in this article, the source of the matter is infidelity. The article tries to handle the issues of people who have cheated one time or several times. What if your girlfriend cheats or, let’s say if your brother’s girlfriend cheated? Are you in an open relationship and planning going forward? Or the next moment would be marriage counseling and the divorce court?

Now back to our scenarios. That is if it is not about the wife. We are going to use a real scenario and discuss the husband as the “other” woman and what the “other” woman is doing in the “other” woman’s life.

The wife goes to her mother and asks to borrow her laptop. The mother says, “I’m sorry, honey, it’s not right to use my computer to chat with another woman.”

The wife says, “Yes, it is wrong. There is no business like a real-world business. I will use the computer to chat with another woman, and you’ll watch.”

The mother agrees, but she keeps her daughter’s laptop and the chat history password protected. She tells the wife that the mother and I can’t be friends and that she is trying to do the right thing by banning the woman.

The wife then logs on to her “friend’s” computer and starts chatting with her.

They talk about various things, and the wife becomes very friendly with the other woman.


caught cheating


Eventually, the wife starts feeling guilty, and she tells her mom because she feels “guilty.”

Then the mom bans the wife from using her computer.

I don’t think the mother meant to do this, but the scenario is good for seeing how the system works.

The wife then goes to her husband and pleads to use the computer to chat with her. She tells her husband that the mother says she can’t use his laptop, and the wife asks for forgiveness. Her husband agrees but says that he feels “shaky.”

I’m not trying to make it seem as if the mom was right about the other woman being gossiped or involved somehow.

However, seeing this situation through the eyes of a cheater, the scenario creates some feelings.


We will almost always see the worst-case scenario.


It’s interesting to note that most people have a natural inclination to assume the worst. Because guilt has a powerful hold over us, we will almost always see the worst-case scenario.

However, you must understand that while you may indeed be guilty of the behaviors and words shown here, there are issues with you.

You’re not going through the whole gamut of emotional difficulties. So please don’t let these behaviors and statements make you feel guilty or that you are a horrible person (all this while ignoring to confront the cheating spouse; click the link to read another blog post of mine)


Feeling guilty doesn’t make you a good person.


It only means that you’re trying to cope with issues that are part of the reason you’ve engaged in the behavior in the first place.

We all experience a wide range of emotions. But the emotional symptoms that we’re talking about here are the ones that are associated with guilt and shame.

These are things like feeling as if you’ve done something wrong or that you’ve offended someone dear to you.

These feelings cause you to react negatively, but they often cause you to take positive or helpful things away from you.

I can’t promise you that all of the above will work for you.

As long as you learn to stop engaging with the emotions, you’ll likely continue experiencing negative emotions. But often, when you know to stop engaging with these negative emotions, you’ll begin to experience positive feelings.

And if you don’t learn to stop engaging, you may feel like engaging. It’s that simple.


how to get over being cheated on


Dealing with a cheating girlfriend or spouse – You’re repeatedly told that your spouse has a beneficial end in sight.


You’ll see your affair in a different light. You’ll also realize that ending the liaison is about rebuilding your self-respect and focusing on why you can’t keep cheating.

  • Don’t pretend it’s not happening. It’s happening. Admit it and end it. Ending the affair means ending the relationship. Saying you’ll try to work on it is a way of allowing things to continue in the relationship rather than ending the affair. This means that the romance continues to hurt. It also means that you’re not ready to end the affair because you allow the relationship to continue.
  • Avoid bringing up the affair in every conversation. This is often about trying to create more problems and tension in your marriage. It also shows you don’t care that others know what’s happened. You don’t want this happening to your marriage.
  • Give yourself time to heal. This is necessary for both parties because once you’ve entered into a marriage, you’ll be sharing your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and so forth with your spouse, and so it won’t just affect you. You also won’t have the time to dwell on what happened and the details. You’re here to build your marriage, not end it. If you make haste to end the affair, you won’t be able to begin building something new.


analysis of the degrees of infidelity


When dealing with a cheating girlfriend, three more tips to end an affair.


To help you end your affair, look for these three tips:

  1. First, avoid crying and screaming. You’ll be hurting so much you’ll have no energy left to take care of anything else.
  2. Next, give yourself time to heal. It’s never easy to end an affair. If you act immediately, you may find that you can’t do so or that your mate pressures you to hurry up.
  3. Finally, avoid bringing up the affair in every conversation. It’s often a way to create more problems and tension in your marriage. You’ll be hurting so much you’ll have no energy left to take care of anything else.

So to help you end your affair, look for these extra six tips to help you finish the liaison, beginning today:

  1. Start the ending process. You’ll need to address the reason you wanted to break up and the cheating. You’ll also need to manage your feelings. You’ll need to think about what you’ll be like without your affair partner. You’ll also need to make sure you’re ready to give up the affair and your marriage and be prepared to give up yourself.
  2. Don’t bring up the affair every time you argue. Sometimes you’ll need to take a time out and think things through before you can end the affair. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time to avoid arguments.
  3. Don’t try to force your feelings or thoughts about ending the affair. If you try to talk yourself out of it, you’ll put yourself in a situation where you’ll be more likely to end the affair. It’s a good idea to give yourself some time and space to make the right decision. You’ll feel so hurt and betrayed when you’re ending your affair. When you do so, it will take some time before you can think clearly. You may have to plan to avoid arguments.
  4. Think about your feelings before you decide to end the affair. Please don’t attempt to force yourself to do it. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time to avoid arguments.
  5. Don’t expect your lover to give you any time or space to end the affair. When dealing with a cheating girlfriend,
    your affair partner will pressure you to finish it as quickly as possible. It’s essential to be aware that your affair partner will likely try to hurry you along. If you don’t want to end it, there will probably be other ways for you to end it. For example, if you’re in a business meeting and the office closes, and you’re not sure what to do, then your affair partner could drive the point home with a phone call or text message. Or if you’re home alone you’re not sure where to go, then your affair partner will likely come home and hit on you. Or, if you have plans with the opposite sex for the weekend, your affair partner will probably make an effort to find out where you’ll be and meet with you.
  6. Be mindful of what you say and what you imply about ending the affair. This includes what you say to your children, family, friends, and affair partner. There’s a lot of pressure to end the affair because of the way you’re treating it. So keep in mind that you may just need some time to think about what you want. Ultimately you can say what you want without being swayed by what you say and how you say it.
  7. The best advice is to start with what you want. That way, you won’t be tempted by what you’re told or what you’re being told. If you need some time to think about what you want, then, by all means, take some time. This is your time to set the terms of the affair. If you need some time to do that, then take it. And that will ensure you always have what you want.


how to cope with being cheated on


Dealing with a cheating girlfriend might be the end of the world for you.


Even if you’re told I suppose you might be wrong and you can’t have an affair, sometimes what you’re told doesn’t match your feelings or what you want.

This is your affair partner’s affair and the end of it. So sometimes, what you’re told or what’s implied isn’t even true.

Sometimes what you’re told is just a lie. Your affair partner may even be part of a larger and larger scheme to get you back.

So the best idea to do is to think about what you want. If your affair partner has an end in sight, then they won’t try and convince you to keep them.

If you have an intention to leave, then your affair partner will change their behavior (more on this intriguing behavior here; click the link, and it will open a new tab in your browser).

This will help you to decide what to do.

And that’s the advice. To think about what you want.

Then, if your affair partner has an end in sight, he will try and convince you to keep them (more exciting stuff about the complexity of human behavior here). Yes, dealing with a cheating girlfriend might seem pretty tough, pretty tough…


dealing with a cheating girlfriend




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