Can A Toxic Relationship Be Fixed? Do You Really Need It? [Decide!]

Really? Could a toxic relationship be fixed?


If you’re wondering, can a toxic relationship be fixed?, the answer is YES, but…

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Do you really need that kind of a relationship?

Do you see yourself continuing to live like this, sometimes as life in hell style? Indeed?

You have never witnessed a toxic relationship. Perhaps you were drawn into a love triangle where you soon found out about an ex.

You have been asking yourself this: how to leave a toxic destructed with dignity.

You have to be extremely cautious. One minute the couple is all wonderful and crazy.

The next minute, they declare that they can not take it any longer.

They wind up returning against each other.


love and butterflies


You can not afford to let this happen. If you are still trying to learn how to leave a toxic relationship, don’t.

You can be sure that, in the end, it will turn out for your worse. It may not necessarily result in a divorce.

But, it is, nevertheless, highly probable that you may wind up in legal trouble.

Here, you will have to make some decisions about yourself and keep your own life intact.

You will have to know how to leave a toxic relationship without looking for dangerous love again.


Can a Toxic Relationship Be Healed?


It is a big mistake to think that you will get love back. This will not be the case.

No one will be willing to return your calls, except one person who is willing to give you the most stunning love you have ever experienced.

If you have been seeing a man, what are the chances that he will fall in love with you?

All this being said, it would help if you were more cautious when planning how to leave a toxic relationship.


Do Toxic Relationships Ever Get Better?


It is never a good idea to think about how to get love back from a partner.

When you try to leave a relationship, you cannot guess and wonder for love.

It is dangerous to think that love will come and sweep you off your feet.

Love should not be your reason to go through all the trouble of splitting up a relationship – some people say.

You can indeed be leaving a toxic relationship to find the love that you were seeking.


you before all the trouble with getting a divorce



However, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you may get your heart broken once you are gone.


People can very often be manipulative. They will manipulate you into thinking that your relationship is perfect.

That it is just perfect when you are gone.


Love’s great gift is to provide you with more beauty than you have ever known.


And, you will be surprised at how quickly you will be flooded with beauty when you are gone. When you are in love with a person, when you have been able to get out of a toxic relationship, you will not be able to endure the absence.

It is not safe to think that you will have the same feeling of loss and emptiness when you are gone.

It is a mistake to believe that you will not have many friends. You will most probably have very close friends in your absence. They are most likely the friends that your heart is attached to.


How to Remove Toxicity from Relationship


Friend. Friends. FRIENDS!

You will be able to cherish them by giving them all your love. But, you will get many surprises along the way. Your heart is attached to the love that you have given to the people that you love.

It is a great feeling to have, to feel that your heart is attached to the love of someone. Your love is your most extraordinary feeling of joy, happiness, and joy.

You are most likely to miss them when you are away from them, and it is a mistake to think that you will be able to ignore them with your love.

This is not true.

When you are away from them, love will make you miss them. You will not be able to find yourself in the absence of your partner.

Your heart is attached to your partner. Your partner is also missing you.

You will be able to tell them that they are very special to you, that they are always in your mind and will always be close to you.

This is true.

Your partner will be most likely to remember every moment with you.


person writing on a tablet


Your partner will be in love with you. You will be able to tell them that you love them.

This is also true.

Your partner will be extremely jealous of you when you tell them about your love. It will create a significant misunderstanding in their mind.

They will not be able to believe that you love them.

You are not able to hide your love for your partner. You will always be able to tell them, with your actions and words, about your passion.

You will be able to love them and will always be able to tell them how much they mean to you. This is true. Your partner will be jealous and angry with you when you act like this.



How to Fix a Toxic Relationship 


If somebody is out of a relationship, then the worst thing is the couple could quickly get married again.

If this is about you: Your heart is breaking. Your mind is screaming to get out.

Why did you stick around?

The answer is easy: you did not give a damn.

You had become a sucker.

You had become too comfortable.

You thought that you were the only one in this kind of relationship.

No, you are not. Let’s find out more by reading an excerpt from this article.


“Couples fight, even the happiest ones, it just comes with the relationship territory. Fights can occur over all sorts of things, both big and small. Happy couples aren’t ones who never fight, they are ones who use fights and disagreements as a means to resolve the issue. If something can’t be resolved, they learn how to communicate better and reach a place of deeper understanding.

Toxic couples usually fight to win. They use fights as an opportunity to tear the other person down, to hit below the belt, to get out all the anger and resentment they feel. Dirty fights are a sign that the resentment level in the relationship has hit its limit. These fights are full of hostility and contempt, and each person is overcome by the desire to “win” and prove their case rather than work together to lovingly resolve the issue.”


young female smiling and laughing


What Is a Toxic Relationship?


A toxic relationship is any relationship in which there are signs of manipulation, deceit, and deception.

Some toxic relationships are marriage with an emotionally dependent spouse.

Someone who is emotionally dependent will not care about your needs or wants (well then, should I get a divorce checklist or keep living like hell? you might ask; before this, please, read this fascinating blog post).

If you decide to go to the hospital, he/she will be there waiting for you.

But if you choose to go to the movies, it will not be the case. This is because someone emotionally dependent was used in the marriage.


The spouse will not really care about you or life in general.


Divorce in a toxic relationship can worsen; your spouse could seem like a scapegoat in a future marriage.

The toxic spouse will be the priority, and this will continue until this marriage fails.

You can be sure, but only you will know when it happens.

If you are married to someone who is a real piece of work, they will always find a reason to divorce you.

(For more about how to leave a toxic relationship with dignity, please, read my article).


after a bad divorce



Does Your Partner Really Care About You?


This is because your partner does not care about you.

If you ask them about their future children, they will say, “my children are a huge priority.”

This means, “I do not care about your children; I will not consider your children even if I have to break up with you.”

The worst thing is, you become a big problem.

It is hard to figure out a good marriage match;

Actually, you stringently need a good relationship test.

This relationship test will help you to determine if you will stay with your spouse or not.


toxic relationship solved



Protect Yourself From a Toxic Relationship With a Marriage Lawyer


In such situations, do you have a right to leave?

Well, you can only do it as per the law.

The law provides that you are entitled to take back your possessions or goods if you leave.

You can file for a restraining order if you are suffering from the effects of mental agony.

The law is not an issue here; it is the couple’s behavior that should bother you.


Can Toxic Relationships Be Healed?


Let us look at a couple.

Let us say the couple was so wonderful to you initially, with great conversations, lavish dinners, etc.

Suddenly, at a point, you find out that they are having an affair.

In this circumstance, you have the right not to take the relationship any longer.

You can take back your relationship, or the relationship can be given back to you if you really think that a toxic relationship can be fixed (more on this matter in another blog post of mine, about husbands blaming wives for everything).

But be careful.


ballet high class


If you’re in this couple, you cannot just casually leave as per law and allow the relationship to wind up as a broken one.

There are limitations to your right to back out of the relationship.

You must file a lawsuit. By doing so, you can get a restraining order, and you can also get your possessions back.

Suppose you are a victim of a toxic relationship and you have been subjected to abuse.

In that case, you must look at the law, which governs you, and find out if the law supports you. The law must cover your feelings, pain, mental anguish, etc.

The law must also protect your situation and provide a remedy if the relationship turns out to be wrong.

It would immensely help if you spoke to a lawyer because it is best to be protected with legal procedures and a remedy in an unfair event.

If you are a victim of abuse or neglect, then you can take a divorce in a divorce court. By seeking legal remedies, you will be able to get a separation order.

This will keep the other person out of your life with immediate effect. The court will allow you to file for a protection from abuse order if you file for a divorce.

By filing for a divorce, you will be able to get a separation order for the relationship’s whole duration.

So, if the relationship ends, you will get a separation order until the entire term of the relationship is up.

(Please, read the disclaimer at the end of the article).




How to Heal From a Toxic Relationship


The answer to your question can a toxic relationship be fixed would be clear if you consider the following facts:

If you have ever witnessed a toxic relationship, you’ll notice that eventually, they wind up returning against each other.

If this is your case, you soon realize that your relationship would be affected adversely by a divorce.

If the other one is feeling it, he or she may do the same.

To find out more, let’s read a fragment from this article:


“Yes, toxic relationships can change. But that comes with a very big if. A toxic relationship can change if and only if both partners are equally committed to overcoming it with lots of open communication, honesty, self-reflection, and possibly professional help, individually and together. It will require each of you to examine your actions and do inner work. If you or your partner is not willing to truly put in the effort, the relationship will not change and should be ended.

Additionally, if you don’t see any improvements after going through these steps, the toxicity could be too much to overcome, and it may be better for you to move on.”

dirty hands - Can A Toxic Relationship Be Fixed?


Drawn Into A Shoddy Relationship


However, suppose you have been drawn into a relationship to have a loving relationship with the other person. In that case, there are ways in which you can make it stay intact. The quoted article shows you the best way to avoid a divorce.

First, if the toxic relationship has been going on for a long time, it would be wise to leave it alone and concentrate on a healthy relationship.

Next, there are several ways on how to get out of the toxic relationship if you really believe that it is worthy (meaning the answer is yes to the problematic question can a toxic relationship be fixed).

Some of them might seem a bit difficult, but you should bear in mind that you have a meaningful relationship that you have chosen to enter.


Keep your eyes open, and you will be able to see the toxic relationship for what it is.


Here are the ways on how to get out of the relationship:

  • 1. If the toxic relationship has destroyed your life and your finances, you will be asked to pay the bills. It would be good to know whether he or she will continue to support your needs.

And it would also be wise to understand the reasons for not supporting your needs. If the person refuses to speak to you about your issues, then maybe you should consider getting a divorce.

You would have done the right thing after some time.


  • 2. It is always wise to be aware of the relationship with the other person, no matter whether the connection is being enjoyed or suffered.

If you have already made promises to your loved one, it would be wise to keep those promises.

For example, it is very wise to choose someone loyal (for instance, someone in the family) to you and never do something without giving you a hint.

So, it would be good to keep your promises, but be aware that you can ask for a divorce after a couple of months if the person has broken your promises.


  • 3. If there is a difference in the partners’ ages, especially if they have an extra income, it would be good to see if the other person would still like you.

And you will be able to do the right thing if you feel that the person really likes you.



Can A Toxic Relationship Be Fixed?



  • 4. If you think the person has some behavioral problems, it would be wise to talk to the person and change them. This would be ideal.

You should also be aware of whether the person is honest and does not steal or lie to you.

It would be wise to speak to the person, even if you think that the person is no longer interested in you.

Always be aware: some relationships can ruin your life, and you will never know unless you take the step to end it.



Maria Simmons



PS. All photos have been used from the “Captiva Collection,” People (1) and Romance, Wedding, Pregnancy by David Watson. I didn’t find many images dealing with how to leave a toxic relationship, so I have used vectors and illustrations that best fit my bog-post content, I think.

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