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I intended to write about various problems and complications anyone’s love life would imply. Wouldn’t it be a marvelous thing to get some kind of help online whenever you get into trouble?

Such as the first romantic moments…

Or the happiness of your wedding


Love words, love tribulations, affairs, problems, divorce and problems, online dating and problems…

…as you could see, almost every moment in a person’s love life could cause problems, sometimes serious problems

In fact, it is pretty clear that all significant problems in anyone’s love life could be divided according to categories.
Therefore, I did it the same way. You could easily find blog posts or even larger articles on divorce problems, on affairs and their complications, on the serenity of your first date, etc.

You will find in my blog various articles on various matters. Is it original? I don’t know. And sometimes, I think that people reading this kind of stuff don’t care as long as the lecture deals with their problems, severe sometimes, and sincerely tries to offer some sort of answer.

Will These Articles Be Useful?

I Really Don’t Know. I’m Sorry.



The only thing I could undoubtedly utter is that I had found serious benefit in reading this kind of advice when I was a few years younger.

I sincerely hope that this reading will be helpful. I’ve tried my best. I hope you won’t be bothered by the length or the shortness or the inadequacy of my blog posts.

You will find a lot of images in my articles. The majority are used from a collection titled DigiProduct, PeopleCollect, volume Other2. I have bought the copyright of these images, and I’m using them, hopefully, in a convincing manner (the pictures on this page are from the same source).


Thank you and enjoy your reading.


Maria Simmons

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